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Photoshop Retouching Download. Price £39

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Purchase ‘The Road To Glencoe’ Download. Price: £39

My original Photoshop.PSB master file with all 52 layers included …

The Photoshop retouching tutorial download, is my original master file converted into a tutorial. The file has every layer used to create the final image shown above. The download does not replace landscape photography workshops but is a great insight into how I create my images and the Photoshop retouching techniques taught on all my photography workshops. Every layer fully annotated and functional, perfect to reverse engineer the image. Study all the techniques that I used to solve contrast issues, color, compositing and much more. However, the download does not show all my techniques, only those required for the image. All my techniques are taught on my landscape photography workshops. This file, along with the additional photography and Photoshop retouching tutorials on this website, make perfect pre-landscape photography workshop reading. Workshops teach the complete digital workflow from camera to print.

Scotland, Glencoe Photoshop tutorial downloads. Before and after Photoshop retouching file. Screen shot
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How To Purchase The Photoshop Download
1. Send an email titled: “Road to Glencoe Download”
2. A PayPal invoice will be emailed to you
3. On payment: File sent to you via WeTransfer
4. WeTransfer will email you with the download link

How Does This Photoshop Retouching Download Help You

When learning Photoshop retouching the best tutorial resource is learning from a real file; showing how the image was constructed. This is a real file worth its weight in gold because it was created from my original master file and contains the complete evolution of the image from start to finish, with nothing left out. Every change you make to an adjustment layer is reflected both in the ‘properties window’ and the image itself; or can be turned on-and-off and altered to help you understand why I used it; all within the context of the completed image. You can ‘reverse engineer’ the image and see how the layers build up the image from the original camera photos at the bottom of the layers. Every change and brush stroke are there to see, because I needed it to create the final photograph. Most Photoshop retouching tutorials only explain one function at a time, without the context of all the other layers that go into making the final image.

Every layer is annotated within the 60-character Photoshop limitation, explaining what the layer’s purpose is or where the information comes from. Every layer is color coded for easy understanding. By looking at the color, you can easily see at a glance the dispersal of the layer types, quickly seeing the layers containing image information and those that are adjustment layers only: Grey – final image. Orange – color changes. Red – tonal adjustments. Green – photographic information. Purple – groups and Yellow – ‘black’ layers. The secret layer that is not found described in Photoshop books to achieve a beautiful light, mood and atmosphere. The download file does not come with any additional notes but is very easy to decipher by anyone with basic Photoshop knowledge. The complete digital photography and Photoshop retouching workflow is taught on my landscape photography workshops, click the link below for the workshop details.

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