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London Photoshop tuition; a resource for London photographers wishing to learn or improve their retouching skills or make the transition from Lightroom to Photoshop. I will introduce you to the additional creative power Photoshop offers over Lightroom in a step-by-step way of learning that makes your transition easy and painless. Beginners to advanced are all welcome on the London courses. London Photoshop courses have no preset structure, simply let me know what you wish to achieve and we create a plan from there. However, London Photoshop tuition is not a replacement for the holistic workshops if you wish to learn my complete digital photography workflow. Photoshop is only one small aspect of my complete digital photography workflow.

London Photoshop Course

London Basic Courses

  • Adobe Photoshop CC Workspace
  • What is Adobe Camera Raw
  • How to Create, Open and Save Images
  • Photoshop Large Document Format
  • Photoshop Selection Tools Basics
  • Using the Curves Adjustment
  • Comparing Levels and Curves
  • Select Groups and Link Layers
  • Learning Layer Basics in Photoshop
  • Manage Layers and Groups
  • Using Adjustment Layers in Photoshop
  • Layer Blending Modes in Photoshop
  • Using Masks to Hide Layers
  • Merge and Combine Images
  • Adjust and Correct Color Balance
  • Adjust the Perspective of Objects

London Advanced Courses

  • Complete Digital Camera Workflow
  • Preferences and Color Management
  • Converting Images to Black and White
  • Flattening Images with Merge Visible
  • Flattening Images with Merge Down
  • Control Shadow Detail and Contrast
  • Control Highlight Detail and Contrast
  • Align Multiple Layers for Masking
  • Adjust Image Sharpness
  • Using the Clone Stamp Tool
  • How to Use the Histogram Panel
  • Transform Objects in Photoshop CC
  • Working with the Brush Tool
  • Selections with Polygonal Lasso Tool
  • Use Gradients in Photoshop
  • Working with Dodge and Burn Tools
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London Photoshop Tuition. Photograph of Buckingham Palace, London. David Osborn Photography
Buckingham Palace, London, England

My Website is My Portfolio

01. A Personal Observation

Interesting observation: When you look at most of the London Photoshop Courses available on the internet, they do not show you any photographs to inspire the courses; showing the quality of their Photoshop teaching! This should really worry you. How can you have confidence in the quality of their courses, if you do not see any examples of their course work? This is because they are doing software training, not how to use Photoshop to create real images. Is that what you really want? I teach Photoshop courses for photographers.

02. Why Choose The London Photoshop Courses?

Photoshop more than any other image editing software, relies on manual layers and masking. It has a total lack of titled automated sliders but this is also the heart of it’s versatility, freedom and control. How to edit an image is not as obvious, but don’t confuse this with Photoshop being very complicated or hard to learn, it really is not. Just, unlike Lightroom and other software, you possibly need to replace the titled sliders with courses showing you how to get started. Photoshop still remains the best image editing software for creative freedom because sliders limit your freedom in return for ease of use.

03. Do Courses Replace the Workshops?

NO. The very core of what I teach, is quality can only be achieved by understanding the total integration of all the subjects taught from start to end and micro-polishing every step in a holistic approach where the quality is in the detail. It is impossible to teach you my process, and quality, without covering all the subjects on one course; that has been very carefully designed to that end. Quality is about the full integration of all the subjects together. I only cover Photoshop editing on the London courses; only one part of the key elements for teaching complete quality.

04. Advanced Painterly Photoshop Techniques

The Photoshop Course London teaches only only generic Photoshop from basic to advanced. Personal recipes and the techniques creating my painterly style, are only taught on my one week courses or the London courses booked as a block of five days. This is because to create the strong painterly style, preparatory work has to be completed and learnt before the painterly techniques can be employed to create my creative, painterly Photoshop style.

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Canary Wharf, London, England
London Photoshop Tuition. Photograph of Canary Wharf, London. David Osborn Photography

London Tuition Prices

London Photoshop courses are one to one tuition, no preset dates, booked-on-demand when you want them in London. London Photoshop courses are paid on a daily basis and can be a one-off day or courses of multiple days.

One day courses held at my home in London, see London map on contact page. If three days or more, I can travel to you outside of London; out of pocket expenses, petrol and hotel reimbursed at cost. Prices per person:

One Person

In London

Two People

In London

One Person

Outside London

Two People

Outside London

The Digital Photography Workshops – Syllabus & Tutorials

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