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Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

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Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

One Photography Course – Three Subjects

A Logical Approach To Teaching, Makes Learning Quick & Easy

Improving your photography demands solving core problems first: Learning fundamental artistic principles. Then, skills to incorporate those principles into your photography. Most weakness is artistic, not photographic. Weak photography overlooks historically proven artistic principles. Implement those proven artistic principles and your photography improves.

Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

Subject 01 – The Artistic Principles

Learn The Principles Behind Good Photography


Immediate Qualities Of The Photograph

The first step is learning the ‘general’ principles that make good photography. Understanding photographs must communicate an idea. Have design qualities to communicate that idea with speed and efficiency. Photographs must grab, captivate and reward the viewer. I teach you how to achieve this.


Underlying Qualities Of The Photograph

The second step is learning the ‘underlying’ artistic principles, to make good photography. Artists work using visual languages to communicate artistically. I teach you the artistic principles developed by old master painters. Why they work. Why we must implement their principles in our photography.


Learn Those Artistic Principles First

Theories must be transformed to usable actionable conclusions. The solution is codify the artistic principles down to a list of fundamental elements. I teach you those artistic elements, benefits they provide, then skills to apply all the artistic elements throughout the fine art photography workflow.


Then Solve The Fundamental Problems

Broadening your knowledge from narrow photographic to the wider artistic knowledge, catches and solves the problem at the fundamental level. Most weaknesses are artistic, not photographic. Painters provide a foundation of historically proven artistic principles to follow, if we learn from them.

Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

Subject 02 – Digital Photography

Teaching Digital Photography From A Modern Perspective


Apply The Artistic Principles

Artistic principles are first applied during composition. I teach you how the best composition can be achieved through a simple process of logical deduction. An easy way to understand that perfect composition is only a logical result of idea interpreted through artistic principles. Logic dictates the composition.


How The Camera Changes Tones

Cameras radically alter tones during capture; destroying the shadow quality in the process. We cannot create beautiful shadow detail unless we factor in these alterations first. I teach you how the camera alters the tones and how to counteract these defects to create beautiful, rich shadow detail.


The Process Of Photographing

An efficient process increases your chances of success. I explain how I plan a photograph from home, then refine that plan when on location. My sequence of events when setting up, taking the photograph and camera settings. Every aspect that influences the photographs technical quality when shooting.


What Exposures To Capture

Capture is also broken down as a logical problem into two main categories. Technical exposures for print quality, artistic exposures for content. Capture must be seen as ‘data collection’. The photograph is a product of Photoshop, not the camera. I teach digital photography from a modern perspective.

Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

Subject 03 – Photoshop Retouching

Photoshop Creates Photograph, Not The Camera


Apply The Artistic Principles

The principles are divided into ‘logical’ and ‘artistic’. ‘Logical’ deals with how we perceive the world. Artistic is about ideas and emotion. Creating an underlying realism, means not allowing anything in the image to contradict our perception of reality,. Therefore logical principles are always applied first, artistic second.


Composite The Exposures

First, we collate the captured data into one image. Composite the exposures together to create a perfect single photograph as if captured by the camera. Blending and masking are the two techniques taught. The composite is then further refined in two ways to become the final artistic photograph.


Create The Illusion Of Reality

Second, we apply the ‘logical’, artistic principles responsible for creating the illusion of a three-dimensional world. Contrast, texture, 3D form then spatial depth. Artistic principles making the photograph look ‘real’. This serves as the factual foundation for the final ‘unrealistic’ artistic transformations.


Create The Artistic Interpretation

Third, we apply the ‘artistic’, artistic principles responsible for creating all the light, mood, drama and atmosphere. The qualities that create the emotional response, transforming the image from literal rendition to artistic statement. Your personal interpretation. Your unique artistic signature and style.

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Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic

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The photography course is taught in the same logical order used to create a photograph. Beginning with an overview of the complete workflow, then progressing through the workflow from photography to retouching. The course culminates with retouching a photograph from start to finish, so all the knowledge is consolidated in one final photograph.

Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

Why Consider My Online Photography Course

“Every session is video recorded live, giving you a total of 27-hours of video recording to continue your learning after the photography course ends, along with all the layered Photoshop working files used.”


Tutor With Experience

I’ve earnt my living as a professional photographer for forty-years, that’s a lot of experience to pass on that younger tutors who have not done photography as a commercial full-time career, simply don’t have. – Indeed, many tutors have no ‘real-world’ photography experience except for teaching photography!


One To One Learning

One to one tuition means learning at your own speed, making learning more relaxed, enjoyable and less stressful. A better financial investment as you will learn far more, in less time. Your time and money is invested in your progress only. One to one tuition is a personal service brought to your home.


Live Video Recording

The course creates 27-hours of personalized recordings to continue learning after the course. Every step of the workflow is documented in fine detail for your reference later. Zooms video documentation makes the course a great long-term investment for the future, long after the course finishes.


Consistent Knowledge

Artistic, photographic and retouching knowledge all on one course makes the course unique and comprehensive. By learning the complete workflow from one tutor, makes the knowledge consistent and flow seamlessly. This means no workflow knowledge gaps or confusions remain afterwards.

Courses are only one to one, not groups. A personal service using Zoom video conferencing software for live tuition from the comfort of your home. There are no preset dates, we plan the dates that are convenient for you. If a session needs to be cancelled for any reason, that session is rescheduled for another date, the session is not lost.

Online Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course 2021

Time Allows Only 24 Students Taught Each Year

Online Photography & Photoshop Course. Cost UK £2,850

Online Workshop Times: Monday to Friday.
European Clients – Morning Sessions, 9 am – 12 pm (London Time GMT)
Non-European Clients – Afternoon Sessions, 1 pm – 4 pm (London Time GMT)

How proficient in Photoshop do you need to be to start the course?

Basic knowledge of the Photoshop concepts: layers, groups and masks – black hides, white shows etc. What and where the basic tools are. Using a car analogy: Know where everything is in the car, but I will teach you how to drive! Also available: Introduction To Photoshop Course. You need a computer with Photoshop, a camera, microphone and speakers. We use free Zoom video conferencing software. You may record all the live training sessions, giving you twenty-seven hours of documentation to continue learning.


Payment is UK Pound Sterling ~ not Euros. Payment is by PayPal invoice or electronic bank transfer. Invoices contain two items: ‘Course Fee’ and ‘Reimbursement of PayPal Fees’, the amount identical to PayPal’s deducted cost. Calculated at 5%.


David Osborn Photography retains copyright and intellectual property rights over the videos and knowledge. By doing a course, you agree to these conditions. Knowledge is for personal use only, not commercial use and not to be passed onto anyone else.

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