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Customer Reviews: the Online Photography Course

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Customer Reviews: The Online Photography Course

Fine Art Photography & Photoshop Course. Live Online. One To One Private Tuition

Photograph Above: Gondola builders, Venice, Italy

I’ve been doing fine art photography for the better part of 50 years but when I found David’s website last year, I was amazed at what he is able to accomplish in his images. His photography is an impressive and emotional mix of drama and lightness and I was especially intrigued by his philosophy that photography doesn’t end with what the camera does, but how all the tools in the photographic workflow are applied to yield the final artistic vision. I was not going to miss the opportunity to learn how to do this, so I signed up for his remote Zoom based one-on-one photography course. So happy I did. David is a patient and detailed tutor. And I was very impressed with his methodical approach to each and every step – there is nothing in his workflow that is excessive or “brute force” in nature. Every step is designed to produce a high-quality piece of artwork, now a rare ability in today’s digital photography “Instagram” world. He has spent numerous hours testing which techniques work best, always with an eye to the highest quality and most artistic image possible and this is the core of the value that his workshop provides – in my opinion worth many times the cost of the workshops themselves. David generously allowed me to record the Zoom sessions. Knowing that the Zoom session was being recorded allowed me to be fully engaged in what David was saying at the time, without the distraction of trying to keep notes. I’ve revisited those recordings numerous times as I apply his techniques to my workflow. The most impactful things I learned from David, beyond the highly valuable techniques he teaches (his masking technique is amazing) is that the creation of photographic art means you must be patient about capturing the changing light over a period of time when shooting, to always pay attention to every detail and be subtle about the edits you apply so they are always in support of the “hero” in the photograph. I’m now very much looking forward to the day when I can travel to engage with David in a one-on-one workshop.

Stephen P. Dolha, Calgary, Canada

I just completed David’s online photography course. I have to say straight up, thank you. I could not recommend it more. I have learned new camera techniques that have done wonders for the quality of my photos. The information David provides is invaluable and it is made simple and easy to understand for anyone, but the most important aspect is. David’s ability to inspire and motivate you. David has a huge talent and experience for photography, but unlike many talented people, David also has a great talent to transfer his knowledge in a clear, concise way. David has a way to simplify complexities and challenges – and intimidation of post processing in photoshop. Now my pictures are more than simple snapshots – they look like art. Zoom worked perfectly and I loved that David could show exactly what he wanted to convey by working directly on my computer using Zoom. I highly recommend David’s online course and I am looking forward to joining him again for my next workshop in-person.

Beth Mohrsen, Naestved, Denmark

One benefit of the pandemic is having a period of quiet reflection about what we do and why we do it. Two areas for improvement were my command of Photoshop and how to manipulate my images to take on a more personal signature or style. It was the first time we were both using Zoom for a workshop, but I was amazed to discover it worked well and allowed David to demonstrate Photoshop on my computer 5,000 miles away. Because of my age, and the extensive depth of the course, I requested the workshop be recorded. This has proved to be an invaluable reference as I continue to put into practice the workflow and continue learning. David has created a really systematic workflow and approach to creating images, going from the camera and through a series of logical post-production stages to the final image.

Brian Lewis, Diego Martin, Trinidad and Tobago

Zoom worked for myself and was a consequence of Covid, but under any circumstances, is still a very good option and opens the opportunity for global tuition. David is a very good and patient tutor ensuring that every stage of the process is understood first, before progressing onto the next phase. The tuition was exceptional and highlighted that photographic fine art benefits hugely from an understanding of the art of processing; the camera only provides the image data, but the photographer creates the art. The key lesson was the application of skills that preserve the quality of the original digital data but combined with techniques to enhance the image artistically, like how to portray the light and create the powerful three-dimensional illusion. A major benefit is having the lessons as video recordings for future reference and revision. I made copious notes from these videos which added to my understanding. I fully recommend David’s online course for those serious about refining their photography.

Ed Mills, Sussex, England

Based on an internet article written by David, I had tried to arrange a live session with him in Europe. But my schedule didn’t fit, and then Covid hit. So, when he offered up a live internet experience, I jumped at it, all 27-hours. It was fabulous. There were no hiccups with the Zoom technology, screen sharing was perfect. He is a wonderful teacher, even demanding, moving on to the next phase only after I was comfortable with the present. Recording the sessions was critical, and I have reviewed the lessons many times over the last few months. Starting David’s program from scratch, from the perfect Raw file, is so rewarding. But I have also found that I can apply some, but not all, of those steps to older pictures in my archives. Without reservations, his course is top notch.

Richard Gaston, Cotati, California, USA

David unlocked the key to the Photoshop mystery for me! I first noticed David’s painterly “museum quality” masterpieces on the internet. When I discovered he was offering online courses via Zoom, I jumped at the opportunity. I could not be more happy with my decision; his step by step approach to learning his complete workflow was seamless. David made the entire process learnable with his extreme knowledge, wonderful personality and had patience with every question I often had. Since I purchased all three parts of the course, it began with the camera and photography issues, then importing files to Photoshop followed by all the retouching steps in easy, logical order. Zoom saved me time and money since I live in the western section of the U.S. and having the ability to review the recorded Zoom sessions was the genius touch that sealed my decision. David is there, present with you, and if you have a question it can be answered and demonstrated in real time. With my new camera soon to arrive, I am planning on additional tuition with David and am blessed to have his 35+ years of photography and Photoshop experience at my fingertips.

Lance, Sedro-Woolley, Washington, USA

It was very easy to learn with Zoom, it’s almost like being together in-person, yet I am in France. David is very patient and explains well, why he uses each tool and also explains in what order they should be used. David believes it is very important to understand the reason behind doing things, not just to do them. The course is very well structured and the learning is progressive. First, David showed me how to do the step and then we practiced the step again, together. You work under his gaze as if the teacher were next to us; and he intervenes to correct and advise when required. This ‘hands-on’ approach is very important because it is only by handling the tools ourselves, that we can check if we have understood correctly. You learn how to highlight the subject and how to create the illusion of a three- dimensional world. He passionately conveys his artistic vision. I am a beginner photographer and with this course I also learned how to capture better quality raw files for enhanced shadow detail. The whole course is recorded so it is easy to review the videos later. David is very creative and his photos looks like paintings and that is what I love in his work. I fully recommend David as a tutor and the course.

Maite H, Biarritz, France

I had been wanting more from landscape photography than the unsophisticated and over dramatic images that abound on the internet. My interest naturally piqued when I happened upon David’s stunning images. Having minimal Photoshop skills, I began working through David’s full suite of courses over three weeks. David is a good, patient and methodical tutor and, while using Zoom may seem counterintuitive, it works extremely well. Zoom allows working at your own desk, on your own computer, and working at a pace that suits you. The recorded sessions are invaluable, allowing you to re-run the instruction as often as necessary as you process your own images. The learning curve on David’s courses is enjoyably steep and his approach suitably structured so that you come away having learned a considerable amount. But most importantly, David leaves you with an enthusiasm for excellence. A very unique photography course as it covers the whole workflow; photography and Photoshop, from setting up the camera to the final retouching of the image. Nothing is left out which means you have everything required to do the workflow yourself, with the Zoom recordings available any time as reference; which is an invaluable resource. David’s course is well worth the time and investment.

Glenn Burton, Edenbridge, England

I have worked extensively with Photoshop for 20-years but like many I have gotten my results with the bare essentials and a little understanding. I really was not aware of the depth and power of the Photoshop software. Combined with David’s knowledge and well-crafted workflow, the ability to enhance seemingly ordinary scenes and images into striking compositions with utterly flawless and believable depth and drama has been a complete revelation. Is it simple? No, but nothing worthwhile is. However, I asked plenty of questions and David patiently and comprehensively dealt with each one to ensure that I was fully up to speed and comfortable with the workflow. Since the course ended, unfortunately I haven’t had the freedom from work to put it all into effect. I draw great comfort, however, knowing that I can dip into the recorded video sessions at any time to brush up on the techniques that I learned. This is proving to be a fantastic resource, and because David’s process is based around the fundamental tools of Photoshop, and not gimmicky automation, I know the process will stand the test of time. Overall, a very worthwhile investment which I highly recommend.

Nik, Dublin, Ireland

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