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Photoshop – Learn ‘The Art of Image Making’

You want your photography to be creative, but don’t know where to start – I had that problem. My workflow was painful trial and error, chaos. The results did not stand out, they looked generic. Why? Because I did not have a structured workflow. I solved the problem by designing ‘The Art of Image Making’, a repeatable and structured workflow allowing creative freedom, while creating technical perfection and artistic quality every time. A repeatable workflow that forms the foundation of my award-winning fine art photography. An easy to follow, step by step workflow I teach you in the comfort of your home online as one to one tuition.

The online Photoshop training is innovative because it teaches you much more than Photoshop tools and techniques, it teaches you the comprehensive subject of ‘The Art of Image Making’, drawing on lessons learnt from history’s greatest image makers, the old master painters. They offer proven visual solutions, essential to incorporate into a modern photography workflow if you wish to create quality fine art photography. This will change your photography at the most fundamental level because it teaches you ‘The Art of Image Making’ from an holistic perspective – everything you need to know from camera to print all on one workshop. Creativity can be taught. Your photography will never look generic again. Scroll down to read how.

Learn From The Comfort Of Your Home

How Online Photoshop Training Works

Online Photoshop training is all live one to one training, face to face with me David Osborn. The same personal interaction as if we sat together in a room on a workshop in person – just we communicate via Zoom video conferencing software online, This allows us to screen share, see and speak to each other live and work on real images in real time using your computer for Photoshop.

Download Zoom Video Conferencing Software

All you need is a computer with Photoshop installed, web camera, speakers and microphone. When we schedule an online Zoom meeting, I send you an email and a software download link is included in that email. You just need to click on it. You can download Zoom video conferencing software directly from the internet also. The Zoom we require is free to use. It really is that easy.

I Supply The Online Photoshop Training Raw Files

I am happy to supply the raw files for us to work on, however there is also value in using your photographs as you will relate to them better having taken them. I will send a number of packages via WeTransfer to you before the start of the online Photoshop training and also do a Zoom test call with you to make sure everything is up and running before the start.

Where Do You Start Your Online Photoshop Training

Modules ‘Intro’ & 1 are ‘Entry Level’ modules where you can begin your online Photoshop training. Which one depends on your personal level of Photoshop experience. However, Modules 1, 2, 3 are a duplication of the teaching structure completed on full one-to-one landscape workshops in person. Each module must, however, be taken in the order presented.

Fine Art Photography For Sale. UK Travel and Landscape Photography Workshops. Black and white photograph of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. David Osborn

Edinburgh, Scotland

The Modules

Intro ~ Introduction To Photoshop. £500

Time: 2 x 3-hour sessions. 6 hours total. Precondition: None. You may never have touched Photoshop before as a total newcomer, this online module will introduce you to using the Photoshop software and is not specific to landscape images, but generic software training to get you ready for Module 1.

Module 1 ~ Compositing & Masking Techniques. £950

Time: 3 x 3-hour sessions. 9 hours total. Precondition: You must have a good working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop first. The content of this online module is explained in the Photoshop Tutorial: No 43. Step 1: ‘Composite The Landscape. Bringing all the landscape assets together for a perfect ‘raw’ file.’

Module 2 ~Creating Three-Dimensional Illusions. £950

Time: 3 x 3-hour sessions. 9 hours total. Precondition: You must have completed Module 1, before doing this online module. The content of this online module is explained in the Photoshop Tutorial: No 44. Step 2: ‘Three-Dimensional Landscape. Making the landscape look real with light, form, texture, and depth.’

Module 3 ~ Creative Techniques & Revision. £950

Time: 3 x 3-hour sessions. 9 hours total. Precondition: You must have completed Module 1 & 2, before doing this online module. The content of this online module is explained in the Photoshop Tutorial: No 45. Step 3: ‘The Artistic Landscape. Creative techniques and advanced mask making. Revision of the whole process.

Follow Up ~ Post Workshop Follow-Up Training. £300

Time: 1 x 3 hour sessions. Precondition: You must have completed an in-person landscape photography workshop first. A year after completing the landscape workshops it is often a good idea to review your landscape images and polish weak areas, even critique your new landscape images.

Fine Art Photography For Sale. Belgium Travel and Landscape Photography Workshops. Color photograph of Port House, Antwerp, Belgium. David Osborn

Antwerp, Belgium

Online Photoshop Notes

Online Photoshop Training General

Online Photoshop training takes place between 09.00 and 17.00 hours GMT, London time. Not weekends. However, there is some latitude on my side to accommodate time differences. Sessions can be two a day, one in the morning followed by one in the afternoon after a break or on consecutive days as morning or afternoon sessions at the same time each day. While a gap is beneficial for revision and updating notes, it is important to keep the momentum going.

Online Photoshop Training Payment

Payment is made on a module-by-module basis and fees are quoted and paid in UK Pound Sterling ~ not in Euros. Payment is by PayPal invoice or direct electronic bank transfer. Invoices will contain two items, the ‘Training Fee’ and ‘Reimbursement of PayPal Fees’, the amount identical to that which PayPal deduct from the payment as their fee. Calculated at 5%. Payment is required in full before commencement of the online Photoshop training.

Online Photoshop Training Legal

Online Photoshop sessions cannot be recorded to prevent sessions being uploaded to YouTube or being passed onto others or sold online. The knowledge learnt from the online training remains the intellectual property and the copyright of David Osborn. The knowledge learnt is for personal use only and cannot be passed on in any way, via any form of media to anyone else, anywhere worldwide. This includes for free or for profit.

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Dresden, Germany

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