Travel Photography Holidays 2020 in Europe

Travel Photography Holidays 2020 ~ Short Creative Breaks

Travel Photography Holidays: USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Czechia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Dubai, Australia.

Photography Holidays Will Get You Started

Photography holidays: Group workshops. 3 days. 6 people. A gentle introduction to my photography and Photoshop retouching techniques – for those not ready to commit to the cost and time of the full one-to-one workshops.

Short Workshops Teach You All The Fundamentals

Photography holidays get you up and running to start your journey towards creating photographs like those shown – at an affordable price, over three-days. All the subjects taught on the standard one-to-one landscape photography workshops are taught on the photography holidays EXCEPT the in-depth Photoshop retouching tuition; all the picture taking subjects along with an overview and demonstrations of using Photoshop. See details on each holidays page >

Fine Art Photography For Sale. Black and White Photography Workshops. Black and white photograph of Valencia architecture, Spain. David Osborn

Panoramic Black & White Photography

July 4th – 6th, 2020. Valencia, Spain

Prague photography holidays. Image of Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic

Prague Photography Holiday

October 3rd – 5th, 2020. Prague, Czechia

Who Are The Photography Holidays Aimed At?

Photography holidays are aimed at those wishing to improve their photographic skills and learn all my fundamental methods – but have little or no experience of using Photoshop. A short workshop that covers all of the photographic subjects along with a light introduction to the basic principles of working with Photoshop and its creative potential; a workshop requiring no prior Photoshop knowledge. Photographers looking for creative inspiration and rejuvenation.

Photography Holidays ~ 3-Day Creative Breaks Held Over Weekends

Photography holidays are held over weekends, making short, creative breaks that minimize your time off work; while easy to extend as a week’s holiday. The holidays option will evolve into offering locations in most European countries to offer the convenience of holidays near you. However, I only speak English, so the holidays will be English speaking. UK customers can reach some of the holidays using the Eurostar from London; a short two to three-hour journey.

Photography holidays. Creative short breaks for 3 days, 6 people in Europe. Photograph of Ghent, Belgium. David Osborn Photography.
Photography Holidays. Ghent, Belgium

Photography Holidays ~ What You Need To Bring

The power of learning is doing it yourself – so a laptop with Adobe Photoshop is ideal – but not essential. This allows you to practice the different Photoshop techniques I show you, on your images. My techniques are not possible with Lightroom – so I do not use Lightroom on the holidays. You need to bring your camera equipment including a tripod and cable release along with your camera instruction book. A notepad and pens for taking the workshop notes.

Photography Holidays ~ 25% Talking: 75% Learn By Doing

This is a practical workshop without long “classroom” lectures to fall asleep in! Before each shoot we will have a short meeting to explain the topic – then practice that topic by taking photographs. We photograph as a group and I stay with the group all the time. Short Photoshop sessions may follow to conclude that topic – practiced by you on your own images. This gives the holidays a logical structure, clarity and purpose. You learn more – by doing more yourself.

Photography holidays. Creative short breaks for 3 days, 6 people in Europe. Photograph of Valencia, Spain. David Osborn Photography.
Photography Holidays. Valencia, Spain

Photography Holidays Include Creative Demonstrations

On each day of the photography holidays, I give a practical demonstration of the Photoshop retouching workflow I use to create my artistic travel photography. Each demonstration lasts about thirty-minutes – giving you a taste of the artistic and creative freedom Photoshop retouching offers. Showing you how easy Photoshop is, while explaining why such techniques cannot be done with Lightroom. These are demonstrations only – NOT step-by-step tuition.

Photography Holidays ~ Learn The Basic Principles Of Photoshop Retouching

The holidays will cover all the basic principles of working with Photoshop; layers, groups, masks and blending modes. The principles of blending and masking images, all taught through short and simple exercises to illustrate and learn the concepts. The purpose of these very short lessons is to give you enough basic Photoshop knowledge to continue practicing afterwards. The short informal exercises will get you “up and running” with the Photoshop concepts.

Photography holidays. Creative short breaks for 3 days, 6 people in Europe. Photograph of Venice, Italy. David Osborn Photography.
Photography Holidays. Gondola Builders, Venice, Italy

Photography Holidays 2020 ~ Prices, Terms & Conditions

Holidays ~ 3-Days Tuition Only ~ Price Per Person


All photography holidays are tuition only. Holidays do not include any accommodation, travel or meals. Holidays start and finish at the time and location designated on the specific holiday page. Hotel and travel arrangements are your responsibility along with insurance to cover cancellation, equipment and personal accident etc. I accept no liability.

Holidays Require 6 People To Attend

All holidays require 6-people to run. At 30-days before the holidays start date – if less than 6-people have signed-up, the holiday will be cancelled. If more than 6-people have signed-up, an extra holiday will be created. When I have all 6-people signed-up – all 6 will be asked for the deposit. Full payment or balance due 30-days before the start date.

Holidays ~ Book A Custom Holiday

If you have a group of 6 friends or camera club members and would like to do this holidays arrangement – but at a location in Europe not listed as a scheduled holiday location, then send me an email with your suggested date and location and I am sure we can arrange something. The only condition is the group is a minimum size of 6 people.

Holidays ~ Deposit & Payments

The deposit is UK £300 non-refundable. The full payment is UK £900 – payable in UK Pound Sterling – NOT Euros and is net amount after bank transfer charges or costs. Payment is by PayPal invoice or direct electronic bank transfer only. At the moment, I do not accept credit cards. Full refund of all money paid to me, only if the holidays cancelled by me.

How Do I Book The Photography Holidays In 2020?

Email Me Stating:

1. The holidays date.

2. The holidays location.

3. The number of people attending.

4. The names of those people attending.

What happens next? I will confirm receipt of your email. When I sign-up 6-people for your holidays choice, I email an invoice to all 6-people. If more than 30-days from start date – invoice is for the deposit. If 30-days from start date – invoice is for full amount or balance due. On payment of all 6 invoices – holidays considered 100% definite.

Photography Holidays 2020 ~ Please Read: Important

To prevent any misunderstanding, disappointment or ill feeling, I must make it very clear – Photography holidays are NOT a cheap replacement for the detailed, personal, in-depth tuition of the full landscape workshops. All the holidays are only an introduction to get you started and inspire you. Holidays will teach you a great deal about photography – but NOT all the Photoshop retouching techniques in detail. Photoshop retouching is too big, to cover in three-days.

Financial Savings For Full Landscape Photography Workshops Customers

A customer booking the full one-to-one, landscape photography workshops will save all the cost of my return airfare and travel as I am already in the city. Only the landscape photography workshops fee and accommodation need to be covered – provided the workshop starts within 48-hours of group workshops finishing and at the same location.

Photography holidays. Creative short breaks for 3 days, 6 people in Europe. Photograph of Prague, Czech Republic. David Osborn Photography.
Photography Holidays. Prague, Czech Republic

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