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Let My Customers Answer Your Questions and Concerns

A small sample of my customers review and answer your questions and concerns in their own words based on their personal workshop experience. Customers who have traveled to me here in the UK, attending the workshop in Snowdonia, Wales to customers where I brought the workshop direct to their home overseas. Also, professional photographers where we traveled overseas together; allowing us to combine a ‘workshop on the road’ with great travel photography. Read the workshop details and reviews below.

David Osborn | Professional Photographer London

How Can I Help You Improve?

Photography Workshop Choices

The landscape photography workshops teach you how to create landscape and travel photography with an aesthetic quality and technical perfection. To create photographs with your own unique personal, artistic style. A unique holistic approach other workshops do not offer, taking you from camera to print broken down into a simple to learn step-by-step course. Click & Read for more …

Your Landscape Photography Workshop Questions

What Photoshop Skill Level
– Do I Need To Attend
The Workshops

I can teach you Photoshop from zero, ideally, I ask a basic working knowledge of Photoshop; where to find the tools and Layers, Groups and Masks. This gives us a common language as a foundation to make the best use of our time; like knowing where everything is in your car – then I can teach you the driving skills. This saves us a lot of time. Play with Photoshop, get familiar with the layout and basic tools. Then we can invest more time in using the tools to create images; not using the time to learn basic tools. Read my free tutorials, they will help you understand many concepts. They are good pre-workshop reading material.

Can I Really Learn –
To Create Images Like These
– In Just One Week?

Yes. I break down the workflow into three subjects, then I break each subject down into steps. Each step very clear, precise and with a purpose. The benefit of using a methodical and structured digital workflow is that it gives you an efficient and repeatable structure to follow when making images. This gives you higher quality images every time, without restraining your creativity. For the very same reason, being structured, it makes teaching you all the digital workflow very easy, fast and efficient. Yes, you will be able to learn the digital workflow in a week that creates images like these, then you need practice.

How Do You Know –
What You Don’t Know!
Finding Your Weak Links

If you wish to find the weak or even missing links in a chain, begin with the first link, test it then move on to the next; until you get to the end. I take the same approach teaching photography workshops. Start at the very beginning then move slowly and methodically through the whole photography workflow from camera to print in small, simple, easy step-by-step blocks. What you know we move on. What is weak or missing you learn. This methodical teaching process leaves no weak links or missing knowledge gaps in your workflow. Only very few photography workshops take this methodical approach to workshop tuition.

Option 1: UK Landscape Photography Workshop

Learn landscape photography in the peaceful green hills of Wales
UK Landscape Workshops
Snowdonia, Wales, UK
– 8 Day Workshop

The landscape photography workshops with peace and quiet, free of all the home and work distractions to concentrate on learning the whole process in the beautiful British landscape. A very relaxing, outdoor environment ideal for shooting landscape images at a moment’s notice if the weather is moody. In my view, if you are in a stress-free and relaxed environment then you are in the perfect mind-set to learn easier and faster. The workshops are all based in beautiful self-catering holiday cottages, with green fields and the sound of sheep right outside the front door of the holiday cottage. You cannot have a more ideal stress-free environment for learning the photography workflow.

Important: UK Landscape Workshop Photographs – Wales

Snowdonia has great landscapes, but the lack of structures, buildings etc. to use as focal points in all the landscape images and the reliance on weather conditions, makes it a hard area to find high quality landscape photographs of portfolio standard. Images taken are very good workshop material but not of portfolio standard. Other workshop options must be considered if portfolio quality landscape images are your priority. Wales is ideally suited for learning the complete digital workflow and Adobe Photoshop in peace and quiet.

Dal Ladymon | Director, NetApp. Dallas, Texas, USA
Landscape Photography Workshops. Portrait of Landscape Photography Workshop Client Dal Ladymon, USA.. David Osborn Photography

I Rate These Workshops

Why was the ‘UK Photography Workshop’ my choice?

“In my view, going to the UK provided two great benefits. A great opportunity to use David’s vast knowledge and to learn his digital photography workflow without distraction, allowing hours of personal tuition learning his concepts and Photoshop post-production. Time spent on personal tuition you simply don’t get on a group photography workshop. The UK landscape photography workshops option, also allowed for a really wonderful stress-free week away from the pressures of work back home; yet still being able to keep in touch via email and phone for any urgent matters. Waking up in the morning and working from the beautiful cottage set in the green hills and the fresh air of Snowdonia, made a very relaxing – yet instructive week away from work.”

Was the workshop hard to complete, was it good value?

“If you are like me, learning Photoshop retouching in a way that I can apply to my creative vision, can be a real challenge. Internet videos and manuals tell only part of the story and putting the entire Photoshop retouching workflow together can easily become overwhelming. If you have a working knowledge of Photoshop, you will benefit greatly from David’s methodologies. David has a deep knowledge of the subject, is passionate and devoted to making sure that his students understand the complete workflow so that when they leave the workshop, they are able to continue the workflow once back at home. It is an intense workshop that packs a lot into the six days, but is taught in a very easy to follow, step-by-step way and is great value for money.”

Dal Ladymon’s Website:

UK Landscape Photography Workshop Information

01 Workshop Location

The landscape photography workshops are held in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, only ten-minutes’ drive from the Welsh village of Betws-y-Coed on the edge of the national park and only 15 minutes’ drive from the hills and mountains.

02 Workshops Duration

Workshops are termed ‘8 days’. The first and last days include travel time to and from London. This means 6 full days spent learning, but time is not restricted to 9 am – 5 pm. Days often start earlier and finish later depending on the individual.

03 How Do I get There

If you are travelling from overseas, you are more than welcome to travel with me. My suggestion is to book a hotel near Heathrow Airport where I can pick you up and drop you back on route. The drive to the Welsh landscape is about three hours.


Your personal camera equipment and a tripod, your laptop if you prefer, but is not essential. Note book and pens and portable hard drive for PC to keep all the workshop images. Set of good warm and waterproof clothing, including walking boots. Washing kit including personal washing towels.


A desktop computer running the latest Windows 10 and the current versions of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom with an Apple Cinema, 27-inch monitor for the teaching of Photoshop. All local petrol and parking costs. Bedding, linen, heating, electricity etc, included in self-catering cottage.

06 Not Included

Cottage’s cost about £350 week. Workshops start and finish at the cottage. Travel to and from the UK or the cottage cost, is not included. All meals; being bought in the local village pubs each night. Personal insurance; travel, accident, property and camera etc. is your responsibility to have cover.

07 Book Summer Workshops Early

You must book summer landscape photography workshops, June, July, August, many weeks before. During the UK school holiday season, all cottages get booked up very early. Spring, autumn, winter months have more moody weather, have far less people around and everything from cottages to air fares have great deals available. You will save a great deal of money and have the landscape almost to yourself. Ideal times for photography.

08 Accommodation

The UK landscape photography workshops are all accommodated in beautiful, local and traditional self-catering holiday cottages. The cottages have separate bedrooms, bathroom, a kitchen and a dining room, electric and heating but often there is no Wi-Fi connection. In general with one double room and one single room. Cottages with more rooms can be searched for if required. Cottages normally run weekly, Saturday to Saturday.

Landscape Photography Workshops. Photo Inside the Landscape Photography Workshops Cottage, Bedroom. David Osborn Photography
Above, Cottage outside & bedroom. Below, study area.

Option 2: Landscape Photography Workshops at Your Home

Landscape photography workshops brought to your home overseas
Brought To You
– 11 Day Workshop
3 Portfolio Days Free

Creative landscape photography workshops brought to your home, freeing you from the wasted time and pain of the travelling. This allows you to stay in contact with your business for those urgent day to day needs and meetings as required. The photography workshops brought to your home overseas are the standard syllabus or can be customized to your needs by placing even more emphasis on photography or Photoshop retouching as you require.

3 Days Free ~ Worth £1,000. Landscape photography workshops not held in the UK, include three extra days, free of charge and called ‘Portfolio Shooting Days’. Days used for landscape photography only; not Photoshop. Extra time to get great images. You gain the three extra days of workshop time all free; I gain new photography to keep my website fresh and up to date. All without putting the landscape photography workshops time schedule at risk.

Ian Strachan | Architect. Dordogne, France
Landscape Photography Workshops. Portrait of Landscape Photography Workshop Client Ian Strachan, UK.. David Osborn Photography

I Rate These Workshops

Why was the ‘Your Home Overseas’ option essential?

“When I first contacted David, I was resident architect on the renovation of a French château in the Loire valley, France, and although I had time off during the day – I really needed to be on the château site – as any renovation of an ancient building throws up surprise questions at odd times. We planned the photography workshop around the various châteaux in the Loire region. Our shoots were planned in advance and David created a structured tuition plan that allowed me to stay in contact with my work, but learn the techniques in a logical and meaningful manner. Bringing the photography workshop to me was very unique – but the perfect solution given my work situation.”

How did the workshops free extra portfolio days help?

“I found the free portfolio days a huge bonus. The photography workshop is structured and had very specific goals. On our portfolio days, the pressure to learn a specific technique was lifted, I could observe how David worked and benefited from a more informal exchange on composition, analysis of light and getting all the raw material correct, at the camera stage. David is a very patient tutor, open and generous with his knowledge. A great tutor and easy to get on with, making learning easy and enjoyable. I got as much out of our portfolio days as the landscape photography workshops more formal and structured days. If you really want to learn then David puts in the effort and I reckon the week we spent together was worth a year of self-study.”

Option 3: ‘Travel With You’ Photography Workshops

Travel with you to third destination – Mainly in Europe
Travel With You
– 11 Day Workshop
3 Portfolio Days Free

Travel with you to a third location, landscape photography workshops ‘on the road’. Stress free time off work, the adventure of photographing somewhere new while learning at the same time and returning with portfolio images; the perfect balance of a travel photography holiday and educational workshop. This allows us to make good portfolio quality photography as we can hold the workshops in some of the most beautiful locations found in Europe.

3 Days Free ~ Worth £1,000. Landscape photography workshops not held in the UK, include three extra days, free of charge and called ‘Portfolio Shooting Days’. Days used for landscape photography only; not Photoshop. Extra time to get great images. You gain the three extra days of workshop time all free; I gain new photography to keep my website fresh and up to date. All without putting the landscape photography workshops time schedule at risk.

Edward Cooley | Professional Photographer. Arkansas, USA
Landscape Photography Workshops. Portrait of Landscape Photography Workshop Client Edward Cooley, USA.. David Osborn Photography

I Rate These Workshops

Why was the ‘Travel With You’ my best option?

“Choosing to travel to a new destination with David for the workshop was the perfect solution; I was able to learn how David approached his photography from inception to completion with personal tuition – BUT on ‘real’ locations. A valuable insight into David’s entire approach; returning with some incredible portfolio photographs from Prague, while learning valuable new techniques like researching and scouting new locations. By learning the digital workflow with one-to-one tuition and returning with great portfolio material, this made the ‘Travel With You’ option the perfect investment of my time and money.”

How did the workshop change my photography?

“Even though I had 10 years experience as a full-time fine art photographer, I gained extremely valuable information and techniques during my workshop with David. The idea of spending 11 days with someone I had never met was a bit of a concern – however David is super personable with an approachable and relaxed style of teaching. David presented revolutionary new ideas and I now utilize his step-by-step digital workflow in all of my work. This has taken my photography and post processing to whole new quality levels and made huge improvements in the aesthetic quality of my landscape photography.

Workshop completed, I cannot imagine absorbing all the information in less time. I whole heartily recommend both David as a tutor and his photography workshops – totally worth the investment in both time and finances.”

Ed Cooley.

The Landscape Photography Workshop Customer Reviews

The Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic Landscape Photography Workshop
James M. Waterbury | VP & Senior Legal Counsel,
General Electric Company. New York, USA
Photography Workshop Customer Reviews. Portrait of Client James Waterbury, GEC, USA. David Osborn Photography
I Rate These Workshops
Would I recommend David’s photography workshops?

“I was looking for a digital photography workshop – but with an experienced photographer that focused on Photoshop; not just on learning all the tools of the program, easy to do from online courses and videos, but their real-world application to achieve an artistic vision.  David’s workshop was exactly what I was hoping for. A methodical, step-by-step approach to creating images. A workflow that provides an analytical framework from which to create unique images.  The one-on-one format was invaluable; allowing me to progress at my own pace, and ask unlimited questions, returning home with all the notes and sample images to continue my progress and learning independently.”

What was the cottage like and is it easy to get to?

“The workshop was set in a peaceful, comfortable small cottage in Wales, the cottage shown above, surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills, and sheep, of the Welsh mountains outside the front door. The cottage owners are very welcoming, and the cottage itself, the perfect setting to focus on Photoshop, without distraction, yet the quaint town of Betws-y-coed and the Snowdonia National Park were minutes away providing easy access to food and photo opportunities. The logistics were easy – David did all the work, picking me up in London, driving the 4 hours to the cottage and returning a week later. And he brought his desktop computer and 27” screen with him – just like home!”

Dieter Bruderhofer | Garden Design Company. Germany
Photography Workshop Customer Reviews. Portrait of Client Dieter Bruderhoffer, Germany. David Osborn Photography
I Rate These Workshops
Is David Osborn a good instructor and easy to get on with?

“First time I stepped across David Osborn´s work I knew: This is what I want to be able to achieve. An advanced, artistic way to transform my photography into real fine art statements. Since I had almost zero experience using Adobe Photoshop, I was apprehensive. David turned out to be an excellent, patient teacher with lots of experience. David has a real desire for you to learn and be successful. His great sense of humor helps; he always keeps you laughing to make it fun. You won’t get bored! His teaching is very well structured and the benefit is tremendous. Best photography workshop I have done so far!”

I use Lightroom. Can I learn Photoshop in just a week?

“During the one-week workshop at my place in Germany, I learned just how powerful Photoshop can be to convert a good photo into a real piece of fine art photography. Before that I used Lightroom for all my post-processing, but it always left me with doubt; if I had managed to get the best possible result. David teaches Photoshop in an easy, step-by-step way, just one process at any time. You never feel out of your depth or lost as you slowly work through the complete digital workflow – but it is amazing how much you learn in one week. Just call him if you want your photography to reach a higher level!”

Jerry Park | Professional Photographer. Nashville, USA
Photography Workshop Customer Reviews. Portrait of Client Jerry Park, USA. David Osborn Photography
I Rate These Workshops
Did the photography workshop change my photography?

“Dramatically. In fact, that’s the operative word – drama. I had been thinking of my work as blah. However, seeing David’s images on his website, it made the decision to cross the pond for a solution an easy one. Not that I use my new knowledge with every photograph – I don’t – but it’s a great, methodical system to follow for when the scene calls for a dramatic emphasis to take it from just raw potential to actual killer image? Now, I know how to do that, my images are now much more refined and professional looking with beautiful rich tones and atmosphere. It’s like my work is revived and reborn. I seriously recommend David’s workshops for all wishing to improve their photography.”

Did this create new opportunities since the workshop?

“A local monthly publication – Nashville Arts Magazine – had held an annual photography contest for many years. It’s been open to both amateurs and professionals alike. I had never been selected as one of the 10 winners – until that is, I submitted my workshop image of the beach huts at Teignmouth in Devon – the image shown below. It made it and generated many comments from friends and strangers alike. David’s techniques give you the Wow factor that separates your work from others. I’m working on my third book about the backroads of America and what I have learned from David’s UK photography workshop is playing a radical role in how I’m editing those photographs.”

Workshop image by Jerry Park:

Werner Kirsch. Cologne, Germany

Snowdonia Landscape Photography Workshops Review

Photography Workshop Customer Reviews. Portrait of Client Werner Kirsch, Germany. David Osborn Photography
Photography Workshop Customer Reviews. Workshop Photo of Snowdonia, Wales. David Osborn Photography

Now that I finished my photography workshop with the British landscape photographer David Osborn I must say: It was a hard week! On two days we have got up at five in the morning to get to our destination just before sunrise. There we took pictures over two or three hours. After that the task was editing the photos with Photoshop, then in the evening light, out again in the really breath-taking scenes of Wales. David has not spared me! – To remind: I was his only student on the landscape photography workshop – but I have learned a lot from David’s landscape photography workshop in the Snowdonia National Park, Wales.


David’s photographs give the impression of paintings – and indeed he is working like a painter! The image files out of the camera are just raw material to him, from which he carves out – by means of Photoshop – the final photograph with a lot of precise steps, just like a sculptor out of a block of marble. The biggest mistake you can do, he says, is trying to get the image optimization with just a few large steps. Lightroom functions with sliders and auto-optimizations are a kind of barbarism to David. Instead he uses the mouse like a painter, using his brush with wide and soft strokes to give more vividness to parts of the picture, brightens or darkens areas, elaborates the shadow details and the highlight definition and so much more. Despite the detail work you must not loose sight of the whole picture. You should make up your mind preferably at the beginning – or even before taking the photograph – which is the main part and which are the additional parts of the picture. How can I guide the view of the spectator, for example, by lightening and darkening areas of the photograph?

David’s workshops are very well structured. First, he tries to get an impression about the clients photographic skills and where are their difficulties or any weak areas. The Workshop starts with taking the photograph of course; that means making up your mind about the images composition, followed by placing your camera on a tripod and deciding if you can get your photograph with one exposure or it needs a bracketed series – then taking a shot every time something special happens: e.g. an interesting sky, a sheep in the foreground, sunbeams or spots of light on the scene. But you must be patient: It could take a few hours to gather enough exposures to combine them into the photograph you imagine and want to create afterwards.


After getting back to the cottage we started working with Photoshop. One of the first surprises for me was the fine resolution I can get out of my camera – a Nikon D 800 with about 36 megapixels. Sharpening techniques are the key – not just in one step but rather in several well combined steps to get a clean result. Certainly, I already knew a lot about the sharpening techniques. There are thousands of tricks – each of them the ultimate one of course! But in comparison to David’s methods at least, all techniques I know are rubbish! It creates incredible clarity to describe every detail, but David has a very methodical approach to working on photographs with Photoshop. First, he explains every step of his process using an example. Then you do all the learned skills on your own using your own exposures – with David’s support of course. By and by you get used to a lot of very different techniques to enhance and elaborate your photographs with astonishing results. Now, I’d like to present one of the photographs I had worked on together with David’s help in more detail: taken at Rhaedr Ogwen, Ogwen waterfall, with a view at the Nant Ffrancon valley during a foggy evening. You can see the final photograph above.


But David does not have any ready-made recipes or ultimate Photoshop tricks in his pocket, just like many of photo books promise. Instead he puts the focus on teaching several techniques for improving the entire picture or parts of it very precisely – and combining these techniques in a clever way. It is important for him to think forward-looking and be able to anticipate the intermediate or final result. To compare it with painting once more: The camera and Photoshop are like the painter’s brushes, paints and canvas. But just using brushes, paints and canvas does not mean painting like Rembrandt or Picasso! That requires a repertoire of techniques, competence and visionary power.


This kind of working needs time and patience. But it is a good compensation to the popular quick shooting and producing piles of images. Maybe you have only two or three pictures after a week, but they will catch the interest of the viewer for more than a short glimpse. In that way David’s method is a challenge for an ambitious photographer to put more effort and creativity to his photography. The rewards are photographs you can be proud of. A few words about the accommodation and the environment: My wife and I have seen a lot of locations in the UK, but we both agree that Snowdonia National Park is the most breath taking one! The rural style cottage in Capel Garmon near Betws-y-Coed is cozy and very comfortable in a really quiet location with spectacular views – the right environment for creative working. The owners Cathy and Paul are living nearby and are exceedingly friendly and helpful. All in all: David’s workshop was an experience for me. Strenuous sometimes, but enormously instructive and with a long-lasting effect on my future photographic work.

Customer Review by Werner Kirsch, Cologne,

The Landscape Photography Workshops – Syllabus & Tutorials

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