International Photography Awards 2022

A Modern Photography Workshop

Teaching enthusiasts every strand of creative photography. The knowledge and skills to create your own style.

David Osborn Photography, London, England.

International Photography Awards 2022

A Modern Photography Workshop

Teaching enthusiasts every strand of creative photography. The knowledge and skills to create your own style.

David Osborn Photography, London, England.

Mentoring Enthusiasts In Creative Photography

Only 24 students per year. Workshops sold out until Mid-May. Price rise: 1st June 2023.

Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic.

The Satisfaction In Creating Works Of Art

Beautiful, artistic pictures. A level of creativity, other photographers simply don’t create.

Imagine being able to maximize the creative potential of your digital photography while using the artistic principles of old master painters. The result is beautiful works of photographic art, in your own unique artistic style. Landscape and travel photography transformed with subtle light, mood, drama, and atmosphere. Personal works of art, having the feel of a painting, but the detail of a photograph. Photographs that go beyond the literal. Digital photography is our opportunity to embrace photography in a modern and artistic way. Digital photographs are not the products of the camera, they are the products of software. Photoshop allows us the artistic and creative freedom to work like a painter. Old master painters have hundreds of years of picture-making knowledge. Combining their knowledge with our digital technology means the whole world is fresh, new subject matter for the artistic photographer. A beautiful work of art crafted from a very ordinary scene provides an incredible amount of personal satisfaction and pride.

Do You Want To Become A Good Fine Art Photographer?

The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic.

Discover Your Own Unique Artistic Style

Then apply it to even the most popular tourist locations.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.

The Concept Of Photography Is Very Simple

A good photograph manipulates the viewer to evoke an emotional response.

Photographs fail because photographers don’t appreciate they create a product, that product must benefit the end user, the viewer. Products have three components: ‘Product, Purpose, and End User’. A good product must satisfy all three elements to create a good ‘User Experience’. The purpose of a photograph is: ‘Create mental stimulation in the viewer by appealing directly to their senses’. – Manipulate the viewer to evoke an emotional response. The principle behind advertising is applied to our photography. This can only be done, if we learn how people respond to pictures first, learn artistic principles to control people’s responses second, then learn photography and Photoshop skills last; to implement these principles into our photographs, which results in triggering the emotional response. Understand the viewer, give the viewer a benefit, and you create a good photograph. This is what I teach you in my workshops. The weakness of most photographers is not photographic knowledge, but more fundamental artistic knowledge.

24 Holborn Viaduct, London, England.

A Professional Photographer For 35 Years

You can trust my knowledge. I’ve done photography as a job, all my life.

I have worked as a professional photographer for over 35 years before teaching photography workshops. I started with Reuters News Agency in London, as a hard news photographer. I then moved over to corporate photography worldwide, shooting advertising photography for corporate annual reports. My career then culminated with being responsible for documenting the enormous £4 billion, Heathrow Airport, Terminal 5 construction project in London. News clients include: Associated Press, The Independent, London Times, Daily Telegraph, Guardian, Daily Mail, New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, International Herald Tribune, The Australian, and Sydney Morning Herald. Corporate clients included: Alcatel, Nortel, GE, BP, Shell Oil, Balfour Beatty, and Laing O’Rourke. Newspapers included photographing: The Royal Family and Princess Diana over 100 times, then 11 Heads of State, 6 Presidents & 1 Ex-President, 3 Kings, and 1 Ex-King. – Not to mention everything else, riots, sports, etc, etc. – I know my job.

MNLF Rebel, Philippines.

The Social Media Experts Are Deceiving You

I feel sorry for enthusiasts, they can’t get the proper knowledge they need.

Digital photography makes photography available to all, but also created ‘experts’ with no concept of reality. Most social media influencers, YouTubers, even workshop tutors have no real work experience in the job they teach you. They deceive enthusiasts by pretending to be professionals. Most have limited knowledge, offering basic and often bad, even wrong advice. The least qualified to teach, dominate photographic knowledge and education. Combining their knowledge limitations with Lightroom’s creative limitations, no wonder most photography is mediocre and all looks the same. Self-proclaimed experts have corrupted how enthusiasts approach photography and have dumbed down photography. Their influence has flooded the world with uncreative, literal, and generic-looking photography. They don’t have the knowledge you need to know, the knowledge you only learn from doing photography as a job. The job of the photographer is to solve visual problems in an artistic and creative way to communicate an idea.

Buckingham Palace, London, England.

Photographers Fail To Appreciate They Create A Product

All products have 3 components: ‘Product’, ‘Purpsoe’, and ‘End User’. Photography is not different.  – The Iceberg analogy.

The Product – The Photograph.

Photographers prioritize themselves over the viewer. Mistake. The viewer is the priority because they are the ‘End User’; they only have the photograph. The photographer has memories of the experience, irrelevant to the viewer. A good product must account for the underlying ‘Purpose’ and ‘End User’.

The Purpose – The Benefit.

We do not use any products that have no purpose, they provide no benefit. Photography is no different. The benefit of a photograph is not the content of the photograph, but the mental stimulation that the photograph creates. Good photographs appeal to the senses. Trigger feelings and imagination.

The End User – The Viewer.

In order to make a product perform, we must understand how viewers look at photographs first. Then we have the ability to manipulate their response through how we create the photograph, provided we have the artistic skills and technical skills. Now we create a good product. Good photography.

How Do You Create Your Own Artistic Style?

It’s by transforming your picture that you create your own personal artistic style. Your own unique style emerges by applying your personal choices to every creative decision within the structured workflow I teach you.

My Photography Workshop.

You Learn: The Artistic Principles, Digital Photography, Photoshop Retouching, AND my Workflow. All in one comprehensive photography workshop.
All fully documented with workshop notes and images.

You Only Need To Complete One Workshop

I teach you everything you need – The Artistic Principles, Photography, Photoshop & Workflow.

I offer one comprehensive photography workshop either online or in-person. Both have identical content and aims. Workshops are all one-to-one tuition with no preset dates, being booked on demand. The online tuition is live, not pre-recorded videos. Photoshop is used. You DO NOT need to be an expert, just comfortable with basic Photoshop logic and skills, I teach you the rest. All workshops teach three subjects: Artistic Principles, Landscape Photography, and Photoshop Retouching. A ‘one-stop’ education in photography, teaching every aspect of photography and the complete workflow to create artistic pictures. The workshop is broken down into modules, every module is broken down into small easy-to-learn steps. When you complete the workshop, you will understand the principles behind making good pictures, and the photography and Photoshop skills to do so, which form the foundation for creating pictures in your own personal style. The workflow becomes your ‘blueprint’ to follow in your future photography.

Silvaplana Castle near  St Moritz, Switzerland.

Will I Really Create This Quality? Oh Yes!

I make it very easy to learn. Read my tutorial: ‘What You Learn’

You can only learn fast, easily, and efficiently, which also means cost-effectively, if you have a logical structure and everything I teach you has an explainable reason. The workshop is broken down into modules, each module is then broken down into small easy-to-learn steps. Taught one step at a time, every step is practiced during the workshop and fully documented in the workshop notes and Photoshop files. We slowly add the steps together until you have learned the complete workflow. Nothing in my workshop is ambiguous. The benefit of one to one tuition is that it’s a personal service. You learn at your own pace and with my unlimited attention, so you never feel lost or can’t keep up. Learning only becomes painful, confusing, and a waste of money, when you are taught to do something, you do not understand and can not replicate later. The workshop notes, personal notes, layered Photoshop files, and in the case of online workshops, the live video recordings of every session are invaluable. After the workshops, I am freely available for follow-up advice, answer questions and critique your images. I want you to succeed, it’s satisfying.

San Gian  Church, Celerina, Switzerland.

I Use One Simple Modular Syllabus

This saves you years of wasted, painful, trial-and-error learning.

Convenient One To One Workshops. £2,900

Booked on demand. Workshops when you want them.

1. Online – Learn from the comfort of your home.

Live, one to one tuition using Zoom video software. Every session is recorded live, not pre-recorded.
Total: 27 hours (9 sessions of 3 hours). Suggested plan: 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks.
Detailed step-by-step workshop notes and Photoshop files are also supplied.

2. In-person – Learn while on location worldwide.

Option 1: Your home overseas. 11 days.
Option 2. Travel with you overseas. 11 days.
Option 3. Workshops held in Great Britain. 8 days.

Workshops outside Great Britain include 3 free ‘Photography Days’ worth over £1,000. Days reserved for only taking portfolio-quality photography. Read my FAQ Page for more information. Comprehensive notes also supplied before the workshop. These options involve practical photography. Price Rise: 1st June 2023. Workshops will rise to £3,900. To keep the current price, workshops must be booked before 1st June but can be completed anytime in 2023.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Book Your Workshop – Send Me An Email

Only 24 students per year. Workshops sold out until Mid-May. Price rise: 1st June 2023.

Let’s talk on a Zoom call first, before you commit to any expense, to talk over any questions and concerns you may have. I only wish you to book a workshop, if you feel comfortable. Just drop me an email and we’ll schedule a Zoom call. Please read The ‘Terms & Conditions and General Information’ found on my FAQ Page. It may help answer your questions. To book your workshop, please send me an email, answering the questions below and we talk very soon.


An Online or In-Person Workshop?


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