David Osborn Photography, London, England, UK

Do You Want To Be A Good Fine Art Landscape Photographer?

Create Fine Art Landscape Photography ~ Not Generic Like Everyone Else

Question: ‘What Is It, I Do?’

My Photography Workshops Teach You:
“How To Create Fine Art Landscape Photography Full Of Light, Mood, Drama & Atmosphere From Concept To Print.”

~ Online & In-Person Photography Workshops. One To One Tuition. USA & Worldwide


When you travel to tourist locations ~ you get the same photograph as everyone else. You don’t feel very unique. In Italy a few years ago, I said to my client “Why don’t we photograph The Leaning Tower of Pisa?” His reply was “Everyone photographs Pisa, we don’t want the same as everyone else”. I felt a little stupid! Then my moment of clarity: Everywhere has been photographed. It’s what you do to the photograph, not only the location, that gives you a beautiful and unique image. The subject is only your starting point to be artistic and creative. Transform the subject, make it personal, it will never look generic. ~ We photographed Pisa, see below. I have a simple two-step plan to help you be more artistic and creative which I explain next

“It’s what you do to the photograph, not only the location, that gives you a beautiful, unique image.”

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“If you transform the subject and make it personal, it will never look generic or like anyone else’s photograph.”

David Osborn Photography, London, England, UK

This Is How You Become A Good Fine Art Photographer

It’s About Knowledge & Craftsmanship Then Cameras

Fine Art Photography Prints For Sale

Read The Photography Tutorial ...

If your photography looks generic ~ it is due to a lack of artistic interpretation. Learn the fundamental principles of image-making first, photography second. Two subjects never taught are ~ Human perception (how our brain ‘reads’ pictures) and the artistic principles behind all great art. Learn the principles first, then the techniques to apply them ~ your photography will improve immediately. I teach you all the wider artistic fundamentals other workshops don’t teach you. Learn now. Read my tutorial …

Do You Want To Become A Good Fine Art Photographer?

Take One Photography Workshop ...

Learn my complete structured workflow from concept to print. ~ Two versions:

  • SHORTNO PHOTOSHOP TRAINING. All the artistic and creative principles of the full workshop as a guide to your creativity using the new Lightroom ver 11.
  • FULLWITH PHOTOSHOP TRAINING. All the artistic and creative principles with step-by-step Photoshop instruction to learn my complete workflow.

David Osborn Photography, London, England, UK

My Structured Workflow Makes You A Good Photographer

~ Because You Learn The Artistic Principles & How To Apply Them

What I teach you is the structured workflow I use every time I create a photograph. The workflow covers every step from concept to print. My workflow is unique because it takes into account the artistic principles of the old master painters, human perception, and photography. My methodical workflow gives your photography a solid foundation of historically proven artistic and scientific principles, knowledge, and understanding. This creates very successful photographs with artistic merit and technical perfection.

  • Learning the workflow is fast and easy. The workflow is broken down into small, logical steps. Taught one step at a time in a logical sequence.
  • In the process of learning the workflow, you learn all the fundamental principles and skills you need to improve your photography.
  • The structured workflow becomes your own photography workflow to follow every time you photograph any subject.

My workshops are about making you a better photographer. A complete education in photography starting with the fundamentals. They are not about making your work look the same style as mine. My workshops are unique because they take a wider artistic approach, not the narrow photographic approach of most other photography workshops.

David Osborn Photography, London, England, UK

37 Years Professional Photography Experience

Experience Other Workshop Tutors Don’t Have. Read My About Page  …

I’ve worked for some of the largest companies in the world for 37 years. Starting with Reuters News Agency in London as a news photographer, then corporate photography shooting high-tech company reports all over the world. I also have 18 years of Photoshop experience and 6 years of experience teaching private workshops to photography enthusiasts. The vast majority of tutors have no work experience except for teaching workshops. ~ It’s my years of real work experience that makes my knowledge valuable.

Do You Want To Become A Good Fine Art Photographer?

Read my About Page ~ Click here

37 Years Professional Photography Experience
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