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Client photograph: New York by Vladimir Steinberg, USA.

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Dal Ladymon

Director, NetApp. Dallas, Texas, America.

Why was the ‘Workshop in Great Britain’ my choice?

“Going to the UK provided me with two great benefits. Firstly, it offered a great opportunity to benefit from David’s vast knowledge and learn his digital Photography workflow without any distractions. This allowed me to have hours of personal tuition and learn his concepts, as well as Photoshop retouching techniques. This type of personal tuition is not typically available in group workshops. Secondly, being in the UK allowed me to have a truly wonderful, stress-free week away from the daily pressures of work back home. Despite being away, I was still able to keep in touch by email and phone for any urgent issues. Waking up in the morning, then working from a beautiful cottage surrounded by green hills and the fresh air of Snowdonia made for a very relaxing yet instructive week away from work.”

Was the Photography workshop hard? Was it good value?

“If, like me, – you find it a challenge to learn Photoshop retouching in a way that can be applied to your own creative vision, you’re not alone. Internet videos and tutorials only tell part of the story, and putting the complete Photoshop retouching workflow together can easily be overwhelming. – However, if you have a basic knowledge of Photoshop, then David’s methodologies can be of great benefit. – He has a deep knowledge of the subject and is passionate and devoted to ensuring that his students understand the complete workflow. By the end of the workshop, you’ll be able to continue the workflow on your own, even when you’re back at home. Although the workshop is intense and packs a lot into six days, David teaches it in a very easy, step-by-step way. It’s great value for money.”

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Ian Strachan

Architect, Dordogne, France.

Why was the ‘Your Home Overseas’ option essential?

“When I contacted David, I was a resident architect on the renovation of a French château in the Loire Valley, France. Although I had some time off during the day, I needed to remain on the château worksite because any renovation of an ancient building can throw up surprise questions at any time. We planned the workshop around various châteaux in the Loire region. The shoots were planned in advance, and David created a structured plan that allowed me to stay in contact with my on-site work while learning the techniques in a logical manner. Bringing the workshop to me was a very unique but perfect and convenient solution given my work situation.”

How did the workshop’s free extra portfolio days help?

“I found the portfolio days to be a huge bonus. – The workshop was structured with very specific goals. However, on our portfolio shooting days, all the pressure to learn a specific technique was lifted. I was able to observe how David worked. I benefited from the more informal exchange on composition, analysis of the light, and getting the basic raw materials correct at the camera stage. David is a very patient tutor who is open and generous with all his knowledge. He’s a great tutor and very easy to get along with, making learning both easy and enjoyable. I got as much out of our portfolio shooting days as I did from the more formal and structured days of the workshop. If you really want to learn, David puts in the effort. The week was worth a year of self-study.”

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Edward Cooley

Professional Photographer, Arkansas, America.

Why was the ‘Travel With You’ my best option?

“Choosing to travel to Europe with David to take the Photography workshop was the perfect solution. – I was able to learn how David approached his Photography in more detail, from inception to completion, with personal tuition, but learning with ‘real’ travel locations. It was a valuable insight into David’s entire approach. – I returned home with some incredible portfolio pictures from Prague while learning valuable new techniques, such as scouting and planning new locations to photograph. Learning David’s workflow with one-to-one tuition and returning home with great portfolio material made the ‘Travel With You’ option a perfect investment of my time and money.”

How did the workshop change my Photography?

“Even though I had ten years of experience working as a full-time fine art photographer, already – I gained extremely valuable knowledge and techniques during my workshop with David. Although the thought of spending over a week with someone I’d never met was a bit concerning, David proved to be super personable and has a very approachable, patient, and relaxed teaching style. David presented many revolutionary new ideas, and I now utilize his step-by-step digital fine art Photography workflow in all my landscape Photography work. This has taken my fine art Photography and post-processing to new levels of quality, making huge improvements in the aesthetic appeal of my Photography. Having now completed the Photography workshop, I cannot imagine absorbing all the information in any less time. I wholeheartedly recommend David both as a tutor and his fine art photography workshops. They are totally worth all the investment in time, effort, and finances.”

Ed Cooley. www.edcooleygallery.com

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr James M. Waterbury

GEC, VP & Senior Counsel, New York, America.

Would I recommend David’s Photography workshops?

“I was searching for a Photography workshop that would provide me with the opportunity to learn about Photoshop from an experienced professional photographer, – focusing not only on tools of the software program, which can be easily learned through online courses, tutorials, and videos but, on their real-world application to achieve your artistic vision. – David’s workshop was exactly what I was looking for. It offered a methodical, easy, step-by-step approach to creating photographs, which provided an analytical framework to produce unique images. The one-on-one format of the workshop was invaluable, as it allowed me to progress at my own pace. With all the notes and images I gathered during the workshop, I was able to continue my learning independently upon my return home.”

What was the cottage like and is it easy to get to?

“The Photography workshop was set in a peaceful and comfortable traditional cottage in north Wales, surrounded by beautiful rolling green hills, even having sheep from the Welsh mountains outside the front door. The cottage owners were very welcoming, and the cottage itself was the perfect setting to focus on Photoshop without distractions. Yet, the quaint town of Betws-y-coed and the Snowdonia National Park was only minutes away, providing easy access to food and Photography opportunities. Logistics were very easy as David took care of everything, including picking me up in London and returning me a week later, bringing his desktop computer and 27” screen with him, just like home!”

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Dieter Bruderhofer

Garden Designer, Constance, Germany.

Is David Osborn a good instructor and easy to get on with?

The first time I saw David Osborn’s work, I knew that I wanted to be able to achieve his level of artistic sophistication. Despite having almost zero experience with Photoshop, I felt drawn to his workshops. Fortunately, David turned out to be an excellent, patient teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. He really wants students to succeed and has a great sense of humor that makes the workshops an enjoyable and engaging experience. You will never get bored! His approach to teaching is well-structured and highly effective – the benefits are tremendous. Overall, this is the best Photography workshop I’ve attended.

I use Lightroom. Can I learn Photoshop in just a week?

“During the one-week workshop at my place in Germany, I learned how powerful Photoshop can be in transforming a good photo into a real piece of fine art. Prior to that, I had only used Lightroom for post-processing, but it had always left me with real doubts about whether I had achieved the best possible result. David’s logical, easy, and step-by-step approach to teaching Photoshop made it less daunting to work through the complete digital Photography workflow. You never feel out of your depth or lost as you progress, and it’s amazing how much you can learn in just one week. If you’re looking to take your fine art landscape Photography to the next level, David is the person to call.”

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Jerry Park

Professional Photographer, Nashville, America.

Did the Photography workshop change my Photography?

“Dramatically. That’s the operative word – drama. I had been thinking that my work was blah. – However, after seeing David’s photographs on his website, it was an easy decision to cross the pond for the solution. I don’t use all my new knowledge with every photograph, but it is a great, methodical system to follow when the scene calls for a dramatic emphasis to take it from raw potential to the actual killer photograph. – Now, I know how to do that, and my images are more refined and professional-looking with beautiful rich tones and atmosphere. – It’s like my photographs have been revived and reborn. I seriously recommend the workshops to all who wish to improve their Photography.”

Did this create new opportunities since the workshop?

For many years, The Nashville Arts Magazine has held its annual Photography contest. It is open to both amateurs and professionals. Despite my previous attempts, I had never yet been selected as one of their ten winners. That changed when I submitted my fine art photograph “Beach Huts, Teignmouth, Devon,” – which I made during David’s workshop. The photograph made it into the top ten, generating many comments from both friends and strangers alike. – David’s techniques give all your photographs the “wow” factor, which sets them apart from others. I am currently working on my third book about the backroads of America, and what I learned from David’s Photography workshop is playing an important role in how I edit my new photographs for this new book.

Jerry Park Photography, Nashville, USA: www.jerryparkphotography.com

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Stephen P. Dolha, Canada.

I have been doing fine art Photography for the better part of 50 years. However, when I found David’s website, I was amazed by what he can accomplish with his photographs. His Photography is an impressive, emotional mix of drama and lightness. I was particularly intrigued by his philosophy that Photography does not end with the camera but how all the tools in the photographic workflow are applied to achieve your final artistic vision. I was not going to miss the opportunity to learn how to do this, so I signed up for his remote, Zoom-based, one-on-one Photography course. I’m so glad I did. – David is a patient and detailed tutor, and I was very impressed with his methodical approach to every step. There is nothing in his workflow that is excessive or “brute force” in nature. Every step is designed to produce a high-quality piece of artwork, – which is now a rare ability in today’s digital Photography and “Instagram” world.

David has spent numerous hours testing which techniques work best, always with his eye on the highest quality, and most artistic image possible, and this is the core of the value that his workshop provides – in my opinion, worth many times the cost of the workshop. – David generously allowed me to record every Zoom session. Knowing all the Zoom sessions were being recorded, allowed me to be fully engaged in what David was saying at that time, without having the distraction of trying to keep notes. I have revisited those recordings numerous times as I apply David’s techniques to my workflow. – The most impactful thing I learned from David – beyond the highly valuable techniques he teaches (e.g. his masking technique is amazing), is the creation of beautiful photographic art, means you must be very patient about capturing the changing light over a period of time when shooting, always pay attention to detail and be subtle about the edits you apply so that they always support the central “hero” in the photograph. I am now looking forward to the day I can travel to engage with David in a one-on-one workshop in person.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Beth Mohrsen, Denmark.

I have just completed David’s online Photography course, and all I have to say is, “Thank you!” – I couldn’t recommend it more. I have learned new camera techniques that have done wonders for the quality of my photos. The information David provides is invaluable and very easy to understand for anyone. However, the most important aspect was David will inspire and motivate you. David has huge talent and years of experience in Photography, but unlike many people who are talented, he also has a great talent for transferring his knowledge in a clear, concise way. David has a way of simplifying complexities, challenges, and the intimidation of post-processing in Photoshop. Now my photographs are more than simple snapshots; they look like artworks. Zoom worked perfectly, and I loved that David could then show exactly what he wanted to convey by working directly on my computer. – I highly recommend David’s online course, and I have since joined him again, attending a one-to-one workshop in person in Wales.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

B. Lewis, Trinidad & Tobago.

One benefit of the pandemic is having a period of quiet reflection about what we do and why we do it. Two areas for improvement were my command of Photoshop and my ability to manipulate my photographs so they take on a more personal signature or style. It was the first time that both of us, had used Zoom for an online workshop. I was amazed at how well it worked, even allowing David to demonstrate Photoshop on my own computer, 5,000 miles away. Due to my age and the detail in the workshop, I asked that the workshop be recorded. This has proved to be an invaluable reference as I continue to put the workflow into practice and learn more. – David has created a really comprehensive, systematic workflow and approach to creating pictures, starting from the camera and then going through a series of logical retouching stages to arrive at the final photograph. Everything is taught with an underlying logical reason.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Ed Mills, Sussex, England.

Zoom worked for me, and it was all a consequence of Covid, but under any circumstances, it’s still a very good option that opens the opportunity for global tuition. David is a very good and patient tutor who ensures that every stage of the process is understood first before moving on to the next phase. The tuition was exceptional and highlighted that photographic fine art benefits hugely from an understanding of the art of processing. – The camera only provides the image data – but the photographer creates the art. An important lesson is the application of skills which preserve the quality of all the original raw digital data, combined with techniques which enhance the photograph artistically, such as how to portray the light and then create a powerful three-dimensional illusion. One major benefit is now having all the lessons as video recordings for future reference and revision. – I’ve made copious notes from these videos, which added to my understanding. – I fully recommend David’s online course for those who are serious about improving.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

R. Gaston, California, USA.

Based on an internet article written by David, I had tried to arrange an in-person workshop with David in Europe, but my schedule didn’t fit, and then Covid hit. So when he offered a live internet experience, I jumped at the opportunity, all 27 hours of it. It was truly fabulous. – There were no hiccups with Zoom, and the screen sharing was perfect. He’s a wonderful and demanding teacher, but David only moved on to the next subject, if I was confident with the present one. Recording the sessions was really critical, and I have reviewed the lessons many times over the last few months. Starting David’s program from scratch, from the perfect Raw file, is so rewarding. – I have also found that I can apply some, but not all, of the steps to older pictures in my archives. – Without reservation, his course is top-notch.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Lance, Washington, USA.

David unlocked the mystery of Photoshop for me. – I noticed David’s painterly, museum-quality masterpieces on the internet, and when I discovered that he was offering online courses using Zoom, I jumped at the opportunity. I could not be happier with my decision; his step-by-step approach to teaching his complete workflow was seamless. David made the entire workflow very learnable with his vast knowledge and wonderful personality, along with his patience with my questions. Workshops begin with the artistic principles and the fundamentals, then camera and Photography issues, followed by importing files to Photoshop and concluded with all of the retouching steps in an easy and logical order. – Using Zoom saved me time and money since I live in the western section of the U.S., and having the ability to review all the recorded Zoom sessions was the genius touch that sealed the deal for me. David is always present with you, and if you have a question, it can be answered and demonstrated in real time. With a new camera arriving soon, I am planning on additional lessons with David, and I feel blessed to have his 35+ years of experience at my fingertips.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Maite H, Biarritz, France.

Learning with Zoom was very easy; it’s almost like being together in person, even though I am in France. David is very patient and explains why he uses a tool and in what order they should be used. He believes it is crucial to understand the reason behind doing things, not just to do them. The workshop is well-structured, and the learning is progressive. First, David will show how to do a step, and then we will practice the step together. I work under his guidance as if he were next to me and intervenes to correct and advise when necessary. This “hands-on” approach is vital because only by actually handling the tools ourselves can we check if we have understood correctly. We learn how to highlight the main ‘hero’ and create the illusion of a three-dimensional world. David passionately conveys his artistic vision. Being a beginner photographer, I also learned how to capture better-quality raw files for enhanced shadow detail. The whole workshop is recorded, so it’s easy to review the videos later. – David is very creative, and his work looks like paintings, which is a quality I really love about his work. I fully recommend David as a tutor and his Photography workshop.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Glenn Burton, Kent, England.

I’d been wanting more from landscape Photography than the unsophisticated, over-dramatic images that abound on the internet. My interest was naturally piqued when I happened upon David’s stunning photographs. Having minimal Photoshop skills, I started David’s live online workshop, spread over three weeks. – David is a patient and methodical tutor, and while using Zoom could seem a little counterintuitive, it worked extremely well. Zoom allows you to work behind your own desk, and on your own computer, at a pace that suits you. – The video recording of every session is invaluable, allowing you to re-run the instruction as often as necessary while processing your own photographs. The learning curve in David’s workshop is enjoyably steep, and his approach is suitably structured so that you will finish a workshop having learned a considerable amount. – But most importantly, David leaves you with a real enthusiasm to achieve excellence. – His workshop is unique as it covers the whole workflow, from setting up the camera to the final retouching of the image. Nothing is left out, which means you have everything required to do the workflow yourself, with the Zoom recordings available anytime as documentation, which is an invaluable resource. David’s Photography workshop is well worth the time and investment.

David Osborn Photography

Online Workshop

Nik Hennessy, Dublin, Ireland.

I have worked extensively with Photoshop for 20 years, but, like many, I have achieved my results using only the bare essentials and a limited understanding. I was not aware of the creative depth and power of Photoshop software until I discovered David’s workshop, knowledge, and well-crafted Photography workflow. With his guidance, I’m now able to enhance seemingly ordinary subjects and photographs into striking compositions with utterly flawless, believable depth and drama. It has been a complete revelation. Is it simple? No, but nothing worthwhile is. – David patiently and comprehensively addressed each question I had to ensure I was fully up to speed and comfortable with every part of the workflow. Since I finished the workshop, I haven’t had the freedom from work to put everything into practice, but I draw great comfort from knowing I can access the recorded video sessions any time to review the techniques that I learned. – This is proving to be a fantastic resource, and because David’s process is all based on the fundamental tools of Photoshop, rather than gimmicky presets and automation, I know the process will stand the test of time. – Overall, this was a very worthwhile investment, which I highly recommend.

David Osborn Photography

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Mr Werner Kirsch

Photographer. Cologne, Germany.

David Osborn Photography, London, England. Teaching enthusiast photographers creative and artistic travel and landscape photography. One-to-one tuition, booked on demand. Online or in-person workshops.

Workshop Photograph, Snowdonia, Wales by Werner Kirsch, Germany.

Having now finished my Photography workshop with English landscape photographer David Osborn – I must say that it was a challenging week! – On two of those days, we got up at 5 am to reach our destination just before sunrise. We then took pictures for the next two or three hours. After that, the task was editing the photographs using Photoshop, and again, in the evening light, headed out again to the truly breathtaking scenes of Wales. – David did not spare me! To remind you, I was his only student in the Photography workshop, but I learned so much from his workshop held in the beautiful hills and mountains of Snowdonia National Park in north Wales, UK.

Working like a painter

David’s photographs give the impression of a painting, and indeed, he works like a painter! – The picture files straight out of the camera are merely the raw material for him, from which he then carves out the final photograph with a lot of precise steps, just like a sculptor with their block of marble. The biggest mistake one can make, he says, is trying to optimize the photograph with just a few large steps. The Lightroom functions with sliders and auto-optimizations are just a kind of barbarism for David. – Instead, David uses the mouse almost like a painter, using his brush with wide and soft strokes to give more vividness to parts of the photograph, brightening or darkening certain areas, elaborating all the shadow and highlight definition, and so much more. Despite the detailed work, one must not lose sight of the big picture. You should preferably make up your mind at the beginning, or even before you take the photograph, which is the main hero, and which are only the supporting subjects in the photograph. – How can you guide the viewer’s gaze, for example, to the main hero by means of lightening or darkening specific areas of the photograph?

David’s Photography workshops are very well-structured. – First, he tries to get an accurate impression of the client’s skills and identifies their difficulties and weak areas. The Photography workshop starts with taking a photograph; this means making up your mind about the picture’s composition first, followed by placing your camera on the tripod and then deciding if you can get the picture in one exposure or if it needs a bracketed series of exposures. Then, you take an exposure every time something special happens, e.g., an interesting sky, a sheep in the foreground, a sunbeam, or spots of light on the landscape. However, you must also be very patient – it could take a few hours to gather enough exposures to combine them into the fine art photograph you imagine and want to create afterward.

Getting more detail in your picture

After returning to the cottage, we began working with Photoshop. One of the first surprises for me was the very fine resolution I could get out of my camera, a Nikon D800 with about 36 megapixels. Sharpening techniques are key, not in one step, but in several well-combined steps, to achieve a beautiful result. – I already knew a lot about sharpening techniques, and there are thousands of tricks – each of them the ultimate one, of course! However, in comparison to David’s particular methods, all of the techniques I know are rubbish! – It creates incredible clarity that describes every detail, but David has a very methodical approach to working on photographs with Photoshop. First, he explains every step of his process using an example. Then you apply the learned skills to your own pictures, with David’s support, of course. – Gradually, you build up a lot of very different techniques to enhance and elaborate your photographs with astonishing results. – Above, I’d like to present one of the photographs I worked on, with David’s help in more detail: taken at Rhaedr Ogwen, Ogwen waterfall, with a view of the Nant Ffrancon valley during a foggy evening.

Camera and Photoshop are like brushes and paints

David doesn’t rely on ready-made recipes, or ultimate Photoshop tricks as many Photography books promise. Instead, he focuses on teaching several very specific techniques for precisely improving the entire photograph or its parts and cleverly combining all those techniques together. – For David, it is essential to look ahead, so you anticipate both the intermediate effect and final result. – To compare it with the painting once again, the camera and Photoshop are like the painter’s brushes, paints, and canvas – but just using tools like brushes, paints, and canvas doesn’t make someone paint like Rembrandt! – It takes a repertoire of techniques, competency, and vision, all of which David teaches you as important parts of his fine art landscape Photography workshop. He teaches the artistic approach to pictures.

Photos far more than a short glimpse

This methodical approach requires time and patience but offers a fantastic alternative to the popular trend of quickly taking numerous photographs. Though you may only have two or three pictures after a week, they will captivate the viewer’s interest for more than a momentary glance. – David’s methods challenge ambitious photographers to invest more effort and creativity into their Photography. The result is a collection of landscape photographs that are works of art you can be proud of.

Regarding the accommodation and environment, my wife and I have seen many locations throughout the UK, but we both agree that Snowdonia National Park, is the most breathtaking. The beautiful, rural-style farm cottage is near the village of Betws-y-Coed and is very cozy and comfortable. It’s located in a quiet rural area with spectacular views and provides the ideal environment for creative workshops. Cathy and Paul, the cottage owners, live nearby and are both exceptionally friendly and helpful. – In conclusion – David’s Photography workshop was a valuable experience for me. Though challenging at times, it was also tremendously informative and has a long-lasting impact on my Photography.

Customer Review by Werner Kirsch, Cologne, Germany. www.kirschfoto.de

David Osborn Photography

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