Landscape Photography Workshops 2020

Landscape Photography Workshops with Photoshop

USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Czechia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Dubai, Australia.

Fine Art Landscape Photography Workshops 2020

Now Five Options.
Only Two Students Per Month.
One Photography Workshop. One-To-One Tuition.
Learn How To Create Artistic Fine Art Landscape Photography.

NEW: Online and One To One Workshops Will Begin This May 2020 – Please Email Me Now If Interested
Main Landscape Photograph Above: Ghent, Belgium

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ Learn The Complete Workflow

Landscape Photography Workshops Czech Republic. Photograph of The Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Landscape Photography, Prague, Czech Republic

Convenient ~ One Workshop: Learn Everything You Need From Camera To Print

Where can you go for professional photography and Photoshop retouching training? My workshops compliment your investment in cameras with an investment in knowledge. I offer one standard landscape photography workshop that teaches you how to create the photographs shown here; everything you need from camera to print. All on one single workshop. City environments contain all the same visual problems as the landscape; creating the three-dimensional quality of light, form, texture and spatial distance. All much easier taught on well defined, angular buildings than in the subtle complexity of the landscape; all without being so weather dependent. Europe has great locations for learning.

USA Landscape Photography Workshops ~ European Landscape Alternative

The United States of America offers great, vast natural landscapes; however USA landscape photography workshops cannot offer the history and culture of Europe; a very different experience to the USA. Why not join me for a landscape photography workshop in France, Germany, Italy, even Belgium, Spain, Switzerland or Czech Republic and return home to the USA with both new knowledge and great photographs from the most beautiful locations in Europe – you choose the location or I can suggest great locations. Over 50% of my clients are from the United States of America; loving the combination of a different environment, great accommodation and restaurants yet easy access to airports.

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ Learn Five Subjects

Photo Previsualization

Photography Previsualization is the ability to imagine the landscape in front of you as a finished print. I teach you how to ask the questions you now ask after shooting and during editing, to asking them before shooting. This leads to less photographs taken, but vastly higher quality in the ones that you do take. Previsualization gives a clarity and purpose to action.

Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography is collecting all the digital assets you require to create the previsualized image that you want to create in Photoshop. Digital Landscape Photography is not about creating the final image ‘in camera’. I teach you how to shoot digital assets with very specific purposes for technical perfection and artistic assets for aesthetic value.

Photoshop Retouching

Photoshop Retouching creates the final image, not the camera. In Photoshop we composite the assets into a technically perfect image and then create a three-dimensional illusion. This creates a solid foundation for the final creative overlay that creates your final artistic statement personal to you. Photoshop retouching is about illusion and creativity.

Panoramic Photography

My work is now taken using a panoramic head. The landscape workshops do not require you to use any panoramic heads, however, if you wish to learn additional panoramic and PTGui workflow as part of the landscape workshops, I am happy to cover this subject. Panoramic heads give a natural looking perspective over using very wide-angle lenses.

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ Four Workshops Options


In Person At Your Own Home Overseas ~ 11 Days

Creative landscape photography workshops brought to your home, freeing you from the wasted time and pain of the travelling. This allows you to stay in contact with your business for those urgent day to day needs and meetings as you require. Photography workshops brought to your home overseas are the standard workshop syllabus or can be customized to your needs by placing even more emphasis on the photography or Photoshop retouching subjects as you require.


Travel With You To Another Country ~ 11 Days

Travel with you to a third location, landscape photography workshops ‘on the road’. Combine stress free time off work, the adventure of photographing somewhere new while learning at the same time; then returning with portfolio images, is the perfect balance of a travel photography holiday and educational workshop. This allows us to make good portfolio quality photography as we can hold the workshops in some of the most beautiful locations found in Europe.

Landscape Photography Workshops England, UK. Photograph of Fly Fishing, England, UK. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Landscape Photography, Cumbria, England

These Workshops Include ~ Three Portfolio Days ~ Free: Worth: £1,000+

Landscape photography workshops not held in the UK, include three extra days, free of charge and called ‘Portfolio Shooting Days’. Days used for landscape photography only; not Photoshop. Extra time to get great images. You gain the three extra days of workshop time all free and great images; I gain new photography to keep my website fresh and up to date. All without putting the landscape photography workshops teaching time or schedule at risk.


In Snowdonia, North Wales, UK ~ 8 Days

Landscape photography workshops with peace and quiet, free of all the home and work distractions to concentrate on learning the complete workflow in the beautiful Welsh landscape. A relaxing, outdoor environment surrounded by green fields, mountains and the sound of sheep right outside the front door of the cottage. If you are in a stress-free, relaxed environment you are in the perfect mind-set to learn faster. However, the lack of structures plus a reliance on weather conditions, does make it a hard area to find high quality landscape photographs of portfolio standard. Other workshop options must be considered if portfolio quality landscape images are your workshop priority. Wales is ideally suited for learning the complete digital workflow only – not portfolio photography. Does not include 3 Portfolio Days.

Landscape Workshops Location & Accommodation

The landscape photography workshops are held in Snowdonia National Park, North Wales, ten-minutes’ drive from the Welsh village of Betws-y-Coed and fifteen-minutes’ drive from the mountains. Landscape photography workshops are accommodated in beautiful, traditional self-catering holiday cottages normally running Saturday to Saturday. All have separate bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen and dining room, electricity and heating but often no Wi-Fi connection. The UK landscape photography workshops are limited to one-to-one tuition as holiday cottages in general only have one double room and one single room. Contact me if more than one person wishes to attend the landscape workshops. I will see what accommodation I can arrange. Cottage’s cost about £350 week but vary depending on the time of year.

Bring, Included & Not Included

YOU NEED TO BRING: Your camera equipment and tripod, laptop if you prefer, but is not essential. Notebook, pens and portable hard drive for PC to keep all the workshop images. Warm, waterproof clothing and walking boots. Washing kit including personal washing towels. INCLUDED: Desktop computer with 27-inch Apple Cinema monitor running Windows and current version of Adobe Photoshop for teaching Photoshop. All local petrol and parking costs. All bedding, linen, heating, electricity, etc. is included with the cottage. NOT INCLUDED: The landscape workshops start and finish at the cottage. Travel to and from the cottage, the cottage rental and meals. Meals being bought in the local village pubs.

Landscape photography workshops are intended as private, one-to-one tuition. However, multiple people can attend the landscape photography workshops at very reduced prices per person. It is up to you to arrange all the additional members, I never put strangers together unless clearly stated as ‘group’ landscape photography workshops.

Landscape Photography Workshops Wales, UK. Photograph of workshop cottage, Snowdonia, Wales, UK. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Inside the cottage, relaxing work area, Wales

Landscape Photography Workshops. Photo Inside the Landscape Photography Workshops Cottage, Bedroom. David Osborn Photography

Inside the cottage, clients bedroom, Wales

Landscape Photography Workshops Wales, UK. Photograph of Wales Village, UK. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

The Village of Betws-y-Coed, Snowdonia, Wales

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ One Customized Option


Tell Me What You Want To Learn ~ 100% Customized Workshops

Landscape photography workshops have three standard choices; explained above. If one of those choices does not perfectly match your needs, we can plan a 100% customized solution that does; content, structure, length of time and location. Just send me an email and we can discuss, then plan a photography or Photoshop workshop that perfectly matches all of your requirements and level of experience from basic to advanced, even a group of friends. If your time is also limited but you want maximum improvement in the shortest time, then you can’t seriously learn in large groups – one to one tuition is personal service that provides quality: A better financial investment – you learn more knowledge, consistent knowledge and knowledge without gaps, all in a short time and at your own speed; while seeing the quality improvements instantly. Personal care and attention impossible in large group landscape workshops.

Landscape workshops start with photography then take you step-by-step through the Photoshop retouching with four easy to learn ‘books’. Please read all the tutorials under “Subjects” on this website. What you know, we move over, what you don’t know, we concentrate on. The priority is your education; to first teach you the knowledge and then make sure you can repeat that knowledge after landscape photography workshops finish. Being one-to-one tuition, there is only enough time available each year for me to teach twenty-four private landscape workshops; twenty-four students only each year – so please reserve your dates early. All the landscape photography workshops are taught by David Osborn in person; I do not use ‘stand-in’ tutors. This maintains a high-quality standard of tuition.

Note: The Landscape Workshops Duration Explained

Non-UK Workshops length: 11 Days. The 7 days of standard workshop syllabus + 3 days allocated to portfolio quality photography that is included free + 1 day written off as travel time. UK Workshops length: 8 Days. Check into cottage in Wales 3pm Saturday, check out from the cottage, 11am the following Saturday. Half day lost each end travelling to and from London. 100% Customized Workshops: The length of time agreed for the landscape workshop.

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ A Perfect Solution For Learning

Landscape Photography Workshops Scotland, UK. Photograph of Glencoe, Scotland, UK. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Landscape Photography, Glencoe, Scotland


PROFESSIONAL KNOWLEDGE. I have been a photographer all my life as a hobby then as a profession. That’s an incredible 100,000 hours of real experience before even considering teaching you landscape photography. Few tutors have this volume of professional time, knowledge and landscape experience to teach you. CONSISTENT KNOWLEDGE. Learning from different sources creates very inconsistent knowledge and gaps that cause confusion and stall your progress. Learning the complete landscape workflow on one workshop provides a smooth transition from one skill to another; giving your knowledge consistency. AESTHETIC QUALITY. The landscape photography workshops teach a new holistic approach to landscape photography with technical perfection and high aesthetic quality. Learning how to create a good aesthetic quality transforms the artistic quality of your landscape images, making your work stand out.


CONVENIENT WORKSHOPS. You dictate the time and place of the workshop allowing you to fit the workshops into your work and personal schedule; making it easy to keep in touch with the day-to-day demands of running your business and personal life. Customized landscape workshops fine tune what you learn. YOU CHOOSE THE DATES. The landscape photography workshops are booked-on-demand; with no preset dates. If your choice of preferred dates is not free, then I will offer you the nearest possible dates to your choice. I try to work around you, not you around the landscape photography workshops dates. AVAILABLE ALL YEAR. The landscape workshops are available all the year round. While Summer is more popular, other times of the year can offer great advantages. Far more moody weather for landscape photos and far less people around with great deals on travel and hotels offering great financial savings.

Good Financial Investment

SAVE TIME & MONEY. Paying for multiple landscape workshops adds up and leaves gaps in your knowledge. Paying for one comprehensive landscape workshop – covering everything you need to know in one go, sets up your landscape photography for life; making a much more cost-effective, one-off financial investment. YOU ACHIEVE MUCH MORE. The one to one tuition means learning what you want at the speed you want, making learning fast, efficient and relaxed. The landscape workshops concentrate on you only, with no need to wait for all the group to catch up. You invest all your precious time and money on new, relevant knowledge only. KNOWLEDGE INVESTMENT. Cameras are a very large financial investment but are at the end of the day, just tools. Without an investment in the knowledge to create good photography, the investment in the tools becomes a false investment. Knowledge takes years to accumulate.

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ Your Questions Answered

Landscape Photography Workshops Germany Photograph of Constance, Germany. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Landscape Photography, Constance, Germany

You’re worried ~ This quality is too advanced for me right now!

Don’t confuse learning an underlying structured workflow with achieving instant perfection. Quality only comes from practice – but the fundamental workflow never changes. That fundamental workflow is what I teach you and it is not hard to learn. This gives you a solid foundation to build on. Practice will then give you the quality shown here. Breaking down the overall workflow into three core subjects, then subdividing each subject into specific topics is an approach that allows the most complicated processes in life to be learnt in small, easy to learn and step-by-step way. Worrying about the big picture is my concern, you only worry about learning one small step at a time. Add those steps together and you are able to do what you first thought impossible. The key is a good, experienced tutor and a logical syllabus.

How do you know, what you don’t know?

If you wish to find the weak or even missing link in a chain, begin with the first link, test it then move on to the next; until you get to the end. I take the same approach teaching the photography workshops. Start at the very beginning then move slowly and methodically through the whole photography workflow from camera to print in small, simple, easy step-by-step blocks. What you know we move on. What is weak or missing you learn. This methodical teaching process leaves no weak links or missing knowledge gaps in your workflow. Only a very few photography workshops take this methodical approach to workshop tuition; where the priority is your photography and Photoshop personal training.

What Photoshop skill level do I need before attending?

I can teach you Photoshop from zero, ideally, I ask a basic working knowledge of Photoshop; where to find the tools and Layers, Groups and Masks. This gives us a common language as a foundation to make the best use of our time; like knowing where everything is in your car – then I can teach you the driving skills. This saves us a lot of time. Play with Photoshop, get familiar with the layout and basic tools. Then we can invest more time in using the tools to then create images; not using the time to learn basic tools. Read my free tutorials, they will help you understand many concepts. They are good pre-workshop reading material that will allow you to pre-learn many of the workshop subjects.

Landscape Photography Workshops 2020 ~ The Prices & Discounts

One Person / Private Landscape Workshops

One to One Tuition. £363 Day

Two People / Price Per Person

Save 20% Each. £288 Day

Three People / Price Per Person

Save 33% Each. £238 Day

Four People / Price Per Person

Save 40% Each. £213 Day

(Discounts are for a group of friends you put together ~ I do not put strangers together).
Prices for tuition only, before expenses ~ See terms & conditions below.

How To Book Your Landscape Photography Workshops In 2020

Send Me An Email Stating:

1. Your choice of dates – The date “slot” number & actual dates displayed on the right.

2. Where would you like your landscape workshop held – Choose one option from below:

Option 1 – In person at your own home overseas – Tell me the city & country.
Option 2 – Travel with you to another country – Tell me the city & country.
Option 3 – In Snowdonia, Wales, United Kingdom.
Option 4 – You tell me: What you want to learn ~ 100% customized.

3. The number of people attending.

4. The names of those people attending.

Please Read:
Please email me only when you are confident of your availability – The dates displayed are “slots” – The slots divide each month into two halves. We work out your exact workshop dates within a particular “slot”. This allows some date flexibility over your workshops exact starting and finishing dates. Only 22 workshops are available each year, so the earlier you book, the more chance your choice of workshop dates are free. All workshops are in-person and one-to-one private tuition. Once I receive your email, I let you know if the dates are free, we then work out a mutual solution.

2020 Workshop “Slots”

Date 01 –  January 16th to 31st

Date 02 –  February 1st to 15th

Date 03 –  February 16th to 29th

Date 04 –  March 1st to 15th

Date 05 –  March 16th to 31st

Date 06 –  April 1st to 15th

Date 07 –  April 16th to 30th

Date 08 –  May 1st to 15th

Date 09 –  May 16th to 31st

Date 10 –  June 1st to 15th

Date 11 –  June 16th to 30th

Date 12 –  July 1st to 15th

Date 13 –  July 16th to 31st

Date 14 –  August 1st to 15th

Date 15 –  August 16th to 31st

Date 16 –  September 1st to 15th

Date 17 –  September 16th to 30th

Date 18 –  October 1st to 15th

Date 19 –  October 16th to 31st

Date 20 –  November 1st to 15th

Date 21 –  November 15th to 30th

Date 22 –  December 1st to 15th

Landscape Photography Workshops ~ Terms & Conditions

Landscape Photography Workshops Czech Republic. Photograph of Old Town Hall, Prague, Czech Republic. Photography and Photoshop retouching by David Osborn Photography

Landscape Photography, Prague, Czech Republic


Once the location and dates are agreed, a workshop deposit of £1,000 is required. In the case of UK workshops, the full cottage rental cost is also required at the time of booking – both non-refundable. Only on receipt of the deposit, are landscape photography workshops secured. The workshop balance must be paid and cleared in full, no later than 30 days before the start of the workshop. I cannot leave London until workshops are paid in full. Payment by electronic bank transfer only. The client covering any additional transfer charges. I do not accept credit cards at the moment.


The client is responsible for covering the workshop expenses or reimbursing me back at cost for any expenses I have incurred but this does not include food, meals or drinks. These expenses include accommodation; hotel or Airbnd or in the case of UK landscape workshops, holiday cottage rental accommodation. Travel expenses include train or airline fees and car hire if required. For all our personal safety, if the client is used to driving on the right-hand side of the road; same as the country the landscape workshop is held, the client will do the workshop driving. I will do all the UK driving.


The knowledge learnt from the workshops remains the intellectual property and the copyright of David Osborn Photography. The knowledge learnt is for personal use only and cannot be passed on in any way, via any form of media to anyone else, anywhere worldwide. This includes for free or for any commercial profit. Insurance: I am not responsible at all for any damage, loss or personal injury to yourself, belongings or camera equipment. You need insurance to cover all eventualities including those that prevent you from attending the landscape workshop.

69 Grange Gardens, Southgate,
London N14 6QN, England, UK

T: UK +44 (0) 771 204 5126
E: David@DavidOsbornPhotography.Com

Let’s start a dialog to design a workshop that meets your specific needs:

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